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Dear Friends,
This month has begun with numerous thoughts on how to proceed with all the challenges one can confront on any given day or period of time. The atmosphere in which this truth is sustained, adds to the strain in daily activities from conducting business or rudimentary conversations with friends and loved ones. While this is a reality in today's anxiety filled society, there are occasions when the best course of action is to retreat by honoring and pursuing the sanctity of one's own life. The multitude of distractions and the anxiety it produces, must not overwhelm and destroy the balance that is required to live a life with opportunities in future endeavors.
These observances of human nature are deemed logical and true. Nevertheless, in order to enrich our lives by overcoming bouts of adversity, one must focus on efforts to end circumstances that foster contempt and dishonesty in all forms of communication that are directed against your authentic interests.

The Loss Of Business Integrity
Currently, I am working on accepting my own advice. Before funding of a loan transaction, I am committed to overcome the destructive aspects of questionable bank requirements imposed on our client at the last minute. We have a client that was approved for a credit line from a financial institution outside of the United States. His loan was approved and we were advised this transaction was to fund on a certain date. This loan never funded on the date specified, as the bank now requires our client to pay an exorbitant amount of funds for 'insurance' before the loan can close. This situation is unacceptable, as this fee was never mentioned in the loan agreement. Now we are in a quandary as this financial institution in our estimation, has lost its integrity due to this demand. So what does one do to solve this problem? MoneyTeam has a volume of correspondence per emails and documents that reveals all actions in regards to the processing of this file since submission. Perhaps, doing the right thing by this bank or financial institution can be their redeeming grace. The truth is on our side and the consequences through the power of destiny has begun. In an upcoming post, I will mention the lenders and the participants involved in this unfortunate scenario if this situation is not resolved.

Political Excursions
It is my understanding 'Super Tuesday' was created by Southern states 36 years ago, as a plan to have a profound voice in the nomination of presidential candidates. On March 1st, Americans of all political persuasions are beginning to understand the dimensions of this method, as we can logically speculate the 2 individuals that will represent their political parties in the General Election. Before one can conclude this to be a foregone conclusion, participants of both parties are reviewing their potential fortunes in garnering the required number of convention delegates to win their respective nominations for president.
These state primaries offers the electorate profound choices that will dramatically change the direction and the personal sovereignty of every person in this country. On one side of the political party spectrum, Americans are misled by a candidate that espouses socialism as the only system to solve all domestic financial challenges. His rival is currently involved in major scandals throughout a national public career, in which integrity and truthfulness of one's character is non-existent.
On the other side of the political divide we have 'insurgent' individuals pursuing the presidency due to past and current failures involving corruption and ineptitude by the 'establishment'. The complete neglect in solving domestic problems, violating the trust of America's global allies and harnessing abusive practices by ignoring democratic principles of the Constitution, has contributed to an upsurge in candidates denouncing this strategy of governance. While the main beneficiary is a real estate mogul never to have served a day in public office, his unorthodox delivery and message to resolve conflicts has energized the American public in his desire to end political correctness at all costs. Other candidates on this side of the aisle have traditional or similar views in regards to US foreign policy, immigration, trade agreements, healthcare, Second Amendment protections and the qualifications one must have in order to nominate a Supreme Court Associate Justice.
When additional primary results during the next few weeks are known, Americans will have a strong inclination of the candidates that will be accepting their parties nominations for President. Notwithstanding, advice from 'establishment' authorities to influence the American people to cast their ballots for a particular candidate, is an indication of desperation in which their accoutrements of power will either be reduced or no longer be recognized by January 20th, 2017.

Lenten Journey
Since Ash Wednesday on February 10th, I've been reading 'Rediscover Jesus' by author Matthew Kelly. Mr. Kelly has written extensively of his faith in Christianity through the 'genius of Catholicism.' On the back cover of his book, the contents 'encourages us in our weariness, challenges us in our comfort, and invites us to rediscover the beautiful possibilities God places before us daily.'
Lent is a period of prayer, fasting, repentance and renewal. I am inspired by my capacity to be a better person in all associations and will embrace the desires of my heart in becoming a humble servant, while recognizing those that require my assistance.
These 40 days will provide the guidance to resist temptations that run contrary to my faith, by discovering and upholding the truth in all circumstances.

You are invited to renew your passion for Jesus by visiting:
The Young Messiah
I was invited to attend the screening of The Young Messiah in October of last year by Motive Entertainment. I was pleasantly surprised to receive the invitation. Currently, motion pictures of religious subjects are now becoming more popular and are grossing impressive income figures at the box office. Films of this genre I consider one of my favorites, along with period dramas of 19th and early 20th Century England.
I am not a film reviewer by any means, but I was deeply moved by the genuine performances of the youngster who portrayed Jesus. He was truly convincing in his delivery and portrayal of a child undergoing a transformation. The inhabitants of the community began to recognize a spiritual connection in his surroundings. The New Testament does mention his presence at a temple when he was 12 years of age. The passage of this event is naturally included in the film with dramatic scenes. The entire production is devoted towards a time when growth in discernment and wisdom allows one to be guided on a path in which obstacles are conquered.
I highly recommend your viewing of 'The Young Messiah' in theaters on
 Friday, March 11th.
Please view additional info and movie trailer below:
Downton Abbey - The Final Episode
If you are a regular reader of the TeamBlog, you were informed several years ago that I rarely view television on a regular basis. I consider interaction with television a diversion when I need to escape a disconsolate mindset I might have acquired on any given day. I am content that I no longer have this type of inconsolable malady, as my spirits are uplifted by increased levels of confidence through contemplation and solitude.
Unfortunately, television at times provides various forms of unconventional entertainment that has the potential to disparage one's intelligence or disposition. This can occur when grammar, language or vociferous content displaying prurient scenes of communication, are programmed for our viewing during all hours of the day.
To counter such debasement, one has the ability to censor programs that have a deficiency in value, or lacks the capacity of imagination in its adventure to entertain. Of all the drama series on television today, Downton Abbey will always be remembered as a masterpiece of immense proportions. The writing is without question majestic in its dialogue of exquisite expressions.
 Maggie Smith portrays Dowager Countess of Grantham and her sharp-tongued delivery has everyone in stitches! "Vulgarity is no substitute for wit" is just an example of her endless clever commands of banter well known in her encounters. To wrap up the series, I would surmise Julian Fellowes the writer and creator of Downton Abbey, will have the characters live their best lives without regrets. As a devoted viewer from the very beginning I will truly enjoy the Final Episode on Sunday, March 6th on PBS.
For program information and how the series might end for its characters, please click

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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