May 28th, 2017 6:05 PM


Dear Friends,
On this Memorial Day weekend, I'm doing my very best to enjoy a sense of solitude that I have been planning for a very long time. Here in Los Angeles, it is difficult to escape the avalanche of an incongruous environment, where harmony is a rare element in a metropolis that never rests. There are so many divergent and incoherent forces that have the capacity to surround and devour your presence and your peace. This can be the weekend my enjoyment of Gregorian chants will enforce my delight in pleasures I've neglected.
For many of us that understand the history of this great nation, we can fully grasp the sacrifice of Americans that fought and died for us, to live in freedom.
It is truly ironic there are powerful forces that have the ability to engineer and manipulate circumstances designed to cause great harm. America is enduring a disparaging intensity by the manner and the motives in which freedom of speech is interpreted. When conservative views are directly opposite of opinions espoused by the main street media, the government establishment or a segment of the electorate, 'unnamed sources' has become the weapon for its destruction. The path towards perdition is peppered with false stories, while damaging innuendos are contrived to destroy one's credibility or reputation.

When 'unnamed sources' have the power to shake the nation's capital by assertions of criminal conduct by the President without verifiable and credible documentation, the hysterical rush to judgement is an irresponsible approach to procure the truth. 
It has been apparent there are intense forces that have a deep hatred for this man and will do everything to end his Presidency. 
This is the weekend discerning Americans must step back, take a deep breath and come to the realization the concept of freedom is not viewed as a virtue embraced by great men of intellectual prominence. As an example, John Locke and our Founding Fathers fully understood the concepts of a democratic republic and the effects of liberty. Alexis de Tocqueville was truly concerned that despotism could occur in a democracy. When America has 'unnamed sources' as the voice of freedom, this nation's future is bleak indeed.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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