November 1st, 2010 9:32 PM

Dear Friends,

Many of us who are blessed with the awesome gift, power and the riches of discernment know instinctively this great nation is under attack. The structure in which this vast experiment as envisioned by the Founding Fathers has begun to slowly unravel. There are forces that have come to light, resolved to transform a culture ordained by Judeo-Christian values towards concepts devised to rid the multitude of Americans its dignity and sovereignty. This uncertainty is apparent, as trust in our government, financial institutions and the media no longer have the confidence nor the respect of its citizens. Many of us have come to the sad realization that our futures and those of upcoming generations will cease to enjoy the freedoms and the ability to live a life of substance. This painful circumstance will continue its torment until such time when Americans decide to employ their love of country over attributes of selfishness or incoherent protestations of concern for America's destiny. Tomorrow is the day in which Americans will decide its fortunes for the next 24 months and perhaps, for many years to come.

Independent followers of the electoral process have witnessed a surge in negative and misleading advertising during the course of the MidTerm campaign. Candidates are portrayed as having inherently flawed personalities unqualified for public office due to lack of experience in the political realm or having views contrary to elite interpretations of government's role in one's daily life. The desire of many in the electorate to 'kick the bums out' and to extinguish an ideology of arrogance, is by no small measure a triumph in upholding the values as written and fostered in the Constitution.

During this election season, there are many candidates that have embraced the uplifting ideals of the Founding Fathers. It is a sad testament to the remembrance of the sacrifice of these patriots, when American institutions and members of a delusional elite, no longer have the capacity to embrace the values once deemed as the foundation of a democratic society.

These past 22 months we have heard eloquent speeches where hope is utilized as the calming effect for the outcome of current policies. We are led to believe our circumstances of pain, suffering and sacrifice is a direct result of the transformation which was required in order to fulfill the requirements where 'hope springs eternal'. Americans never agreed to 'transform' this nation towards a European socialist model nor did its citizens felt compelled to acquiesce one's liberties for the encroachment of its government. This is why the mood in this country is at a fever pitch, as the pure incompetence and evil attributes of those we have entrusted our futures, their time of oppression by an Almighty source, has finally arrived. The measure or degree of uncertainty this nation will experience, will be revealed within the next 24 hours.

California Propositions & Commentary

I reviewed all of the Propositions on the ballot here in California and came up with some recommendations. I thank my lucky stars that I'm not a politician! Becoming a public servant during this time in American history has many drawbacks. Blatant attempts to destroy one's character is a given, by those eager to defeat views or values not shared by either an opponent or the media. The high regard in which this is a resource for fooling the electorate is evident in our current elections. Civility is never demonstrated in campaign advertisements nor in journalistic circles. This is why many intelligent, well mannered and honest Americans decide to forego the chronic and debilitating scrutiny of tabloid journalism by not running for public office. I dare say we have too many mediocre and uninspiring personalities offering flawed concepts of governance as tools for incredulous public policies.

19 - NO   20 - YES   21 - NO   22 - YES   23 - YES   24 - NO

25 - NO   26 - YES   27 - NO 

Please remember to vote tomorrow!



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