November 22nd, 2019 2:31 PM

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For a very long time now, Americans have heard the intrigue and fascination with a nation in Eastern Europe known as the Ukraine. Since this country's independence from the former Soviet Union in 1991, many freedom loving individuals throughout the world were content to witness the advent of liberty from Communist oppression. Unfortunately, as a newly established nation, the prominence and gradual corruption of government officials, has allowed an escalation of a Soviet style mindset that has harmed and abused its citizens. The United States has contributed to its fomenting corruption by its complicit attempts to have the Ukrainians involved in a clandestine scheme to disrupt the 2016 General Election in efforts to undermine the viability of the Republican candidate.

The Ukrainians have had enough of the incessant corruption that has infiltrated their government and voted for an 'outsider' to fulfill the trust that no longer existed. The congratulatory conversation with the newest President with our 'outsider' Chief Executive, is detailed in a transcript that was released last month. The July 25th phone conversation was a complimentary and sincere effort to achieve an understanding to eliminate malfeasance wherever and whenever possible. In that spirit, there are individuals in this country that are disturbed to open Pandora's Box, as the corruption before the newest Ukrainian President was elected - will disclose America's involvement in High Crimes and Misdemeanors by the previous administration. The 'impeachment inquiry' in my estimation, is an attempt to remove the current President and his administration to cease and desist all investigations in which a 'quid pro quo' by the former Vice President and the involvement of the Democratic nominee - in a treacherous plan - to dismantle America's electorate decision in the 2016 Presidential Election.

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While this is the backdrop of the daily incursion of the Ukraine in our conscious minds -  there are uplifting situations in which Ukrainian nationals and their culture, here in Southern California, that come to mind.

Just the other day I was grocery shopping. While I left the store there was a car next to mine in the parking lot that had a license plate frame with the words, "Proud To Be From Ukraine". It is my understanding there are over 94,000 city dwellers of Ukrainian heritage residing in Los Angeles. I would surmise many left their homeland to live in freedom, away from oppression and corruption. Nevertheless, it is ironic and disturbing to live in Los Angeles and in California nowadays, when the repression and corruption that has besieged former inhabitants of the Ukraine, has become a reality in this State.

For years the TeamBlog has fascinated the Ukrainians by their impressive page views the Blog receives on any given day. I am truly humbled, as my opinions expressed on various activities will always be held in the highest regard, as the truth will always be of paramount importance in everything that is written.

There's a show on the TLC network in which an American becomes romantically involved on the internet with a love interest from another country. Many times they've never met before in person and their relationship can last for years without an embrace. This method of finding love is unusual, but in a society where affection can be difficult to find, this might be considered the only avenue. A very attractive woman from the Ukraine is in love with an American farmer and in previous episodes, a similar occurrence with an American hair stylist took place. With all of this in mind, is the availability of romance declining in both America and the Ukraine? 

A good friend of mine about two weeks ago dropped by to say 'Hi', and she gave me a loaf of bread for helping to solve a personal problem. The label mentioned the bread was from a Ukrainian recipe. I had a slice later that evening for dinner, and I was truly amazed by its flavor! The bread was so delicious that I will buy a loaf to enjoy with my friends on Thursday, for Thanksgiving dinner!

Another delicious recipe from the Ukrainians is Chicken Kiev! I had my first taste of this delicacy many years ago and I have a strong feeling that I will savor it again over the Holidays!

I can mention additional situations that can fill our presence with the delights and disparities that involve the Ukraine. After hearing diplomats speaking of this country all this week during the 'impeachment hearings', one can only wonder if the diplomatic tales of conversations allowing a European country to have such an influence on America, and vice versa is desirable. I'll just sit back and dream these diplomats under testimony, were really expressing their delight in consuming Ukrainian Wedding Bread and Chicken Kiev from the numerous recommendations overheard by those within their sphere of influence. Incidentally, if my recollection is correct, the EU Ambassador under testimony mentioned he was dining with his peers at a Ukrainian restaurant, when the President called him to discuss his opposition of a 'quid pro quo'. I would not be surprised the brief interruption, was preventing the Ambassador from enjoying the vast menu of Ukrainian dishes placed before him. Notwithstanding, I would 'presume' or 'guess' his appetite was not disrupted by the call, as he relished an evening savoring the buoyancy of the moment, as a connoisseur of fine epicurean dining.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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