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For various reasons, I've become accustomed towards the fascination I encounter in reading Scripture, where the pure content of its passages come alive!  There are times in which my enjoyment elevates, as I imagine myself as an avid participant in circumstances which reveal the power of wisdom and the agony of disobedience. While life is not a bed of roses, we must contemplate the responsibility we have been afforded, to manifest a vision where our contributions to society are highly valued. 

As of late, I've written more posts with religious themes. There may be a desire on my part to profess or to provide an account, where humility redirects my path as I take inventory of my life. Many Americans, myself included, have suffered from the decisions made in haste by placing one's trust in others or by ignoring the advice of wise counsel. Financial fortunes are destroyed by the whims of powerful interests as their vision of a just society has no comparison to the rewards of a free enterprise system. The consequences of past decisions continue to prolong and create despair, as we are involved and view a nation under distress.

I've digressed a bit as melancholy rears its ugly head when I ponder the sadness of those I've known losing their homes, unable to feed their children or find a job. While the pain of such difficulties continues, we must do our best to rise above these trials and not lose our joy. We still have the ability to make a difference! While we are living in an era where the actions of corrupt and inept politicians, media and business interests have infiltrated our personal space, I look forward to the day the required 'correction' will gain speed and deliver its long overdue restoration of common sense.


Patricia and St. John

Dame Patricia Routledge is a well known actress in the UK and has lent her outstanding presence in roles worthy of a great talent. Her portrayal of Hyacinth Bucket in 'Keeping Up Appearances' is truly one of my favorite comedies, as I always find time to deliver one of my most boisterous belly laughs that can be heard by neighbors several houses away! Patricia has also been blessed with an amazing voice! I never knew until recently she had this ability, until I came across several of her recordings on the web.

While I'm deeply enamored and have taken delight in her magnificent talent, Patricia's reading of the 20th Chapter of St. John's Gospel is a true revelation! A trail of goose bumps on my arms can be seen and the presence of the Holy Spirit can be felt, when I listen to Patricia's profound narration. Her voice and cadence are in harmony as faith comes alive and our belief in the Resurrection is sustained. It is a wonder to experience the substance of Patricia's presentation. It's as though she was an eyewitness to the unfolding events.

This is the weekend after Easter. It is appropriate to dwell on the passages of this true narrative. The timeline can be heard once again at

Thanks Again

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