February 21st, 2010 6:42 PM

Dear Friends,

It seems every so often I'm lifted to a higher level of consciousness by the spiritual voices of sopranos. As I was driving around town I was enraptured by the sterling sound of majesty represented on this occasion by Leontyne Price. For various internal reasons, I've become an aficionado of such exquisite purity that I am able to leave behind the worries placed upon my shoulders and escape the transgressions of those eager to harm my natural optimistic disposition.

Certainly the times we are in do not bode well for one's emotional harmony and the brief visit of Leontyne's magnificent voice in 'Aida' while driving to the market for groceries, was a brief vacation in mental paradise. While my words can conjure mild effects of bloviation, I am sincere in my thoughts and know full well my excitement in appreciating the angels we seem to take for granted all around us. While driving around Los Angeles listening to sopranos is harmless to say the least, others might consider this a trifle eccentric and out of character for those who seem to know me well. The only response I have, is to blame my eccentricities on government, as this institution of incongruity has affected or has changed the direction in which I now seek enlightenment. By resisting the trials and tribulations of the present day, I have now engineered a pattern of exotic or unusual modes of pleasure in order to alleviate the stress and anxiety manufactured daily by those we've elected to represent 'our' interests.

In all seriousness, the chronic struggles Americans face with high unemployment, continued foreclosures, rising homelessness and financial ruin can be attributed to those members in government, on Wall Street and with the portrayal of bias by the main street media. Journalism has become entertainment to the delight of those paying its movie ticket. The days of documentaries as historically insightful as 'Harvest Of Shame' reported by none other than Edward R. Murrow in 1960, are no longer envisioned by a media where money is the main source of all integrity. When reading a newspaper or viewing a nightly news program, one has to 'read between the lines' and decipher the affinity of the reporter or 'newsreader' in an attempt to define a sense of impartiality. The truth is hidden among many layers and its obfuscation is due to financial concerns. This concerted effort to constrain the news due to its effect on its corporate sponsors, adds to the lack of trust in this medium. No wonder newspapers across the country, nightly news programs and news cable stations are losing readers and viewers at an alarming rate! While the economy, the advent of the internet or lower advertising rates are all factors, the penultimate simple reason is integrity. Having the truth originate in all media presentations, is a virtue worth embracing.

I would not be surprised in the following weeks through my roundabout travels, other sopranos as the venerable Maria Callas, Dame Joan Sutherland and Renee Fleming, will provide the inspiration and the brief lift to make one's day as delightful as a walk in a field of lilies. This day is fast approaching.

Please check Leontyne's Price amazing performance in 'Aida' on YouTube:

 Additional Notes

We thank our clients for the success of our 'Share The Love Sale'. For those fortunate borrowers, love is in the air!

Please check our next TeamBlog where our new Pricing Policy and a discussion of current underwriting guidelines, the state of the mortgage industry and other forums will be explored.

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