January 13th, 2009 8:41 AM

Dear Friends,

After a prolonged bout with the flu, I'm back to offer the 'transparency' everyone in Washington is now eager to provide. I have regained my faculties and I have a keen interest in exploring the logical or illogical pursuits of government intervention in its quest to end the Recession.

After spending $350 Billion of the approved $700 Billion by the Bush Administration and a forecast of an additional $800 Billion required to 'shake up' the economy as recommended by the President-Elect, the likelihood of all this money distributed by competent hands is scheduled to become an exercise in 'transparent' futility. The buzz word of the '08 Election has become an active adjective in the nomenclature of political discourse. The purported definitions espoused by anyone in Capitol Hill of this magic word in bouts of defining additional bailouts, has been rendered meaningless.

In 'transparency' every detail must be disclosed and in so doing we are led to believe statistics provided by economists or counselors to government officials are credible and genuine. Unfortunately, I've become a skeptic after the theatrical events orchestrated by our lawmakers and Wall Street executives were discovered during this past year. These activities has led to an unprecedented display of hubris and in turn the destruction of American lives by wanton incompetence, greed and corruption. After the suffering this entire country has sustained for months, we are now led to believe the culprits which created this economic Armageddon are the ones capable of leading us to the Promised Land. The path to Socialism awaits this country if we allow the spending spree to go unabated where its debilitating effects will dampen the futures of our children and generations to come. 

We are at a crossroads. Lawmakers throughout this country must end their chronic, detestable desires for power as sport to the detriment of its constituents and start the process of transforming their 'charming verbose personalities' in securing logical solutions to economic challenges. A pretty face, a nice smile, a fabulous voice, a wonderful delivery, an expensive suit or a head full of hair does not provide the confidence Americans demand during this Recession. In one of my previous blogs I mentioned there is a lack of leadership in government and there is no one that has the integrity to tell its citizens the truth in regards to America's financial situation. I still believe in this sad truth, even today. If only fictional characters as, let's say, a Jack Bauer in the Fox series '24' were true to life in the halls of Congress or even residing on Pennsylvania Avenue then my natural optimism might be restored. While I wish everyone a Happy New Year, there are troublesome challenges we as a nation must face to overcome the suffering of many Americans.

We now must ask ourselves, what are we to do and who do we believe?

We as Americans must begin to write, phone, email, cajole, demonstrate and even scream to our US Senators and Representatives that we need to know every detail on how this $800 Billion is to be spent. We also need to have independent, informative public forums throughout this country which will delineate where all this money is headed. Do we really need to spend $800 Billion? The experience of a few months back where even today, the Treasury Secretary is unwilling to provide details of which entities received $350 Billion in TARP funds, is disturbing! This is our money and the secrecy in its disbursement is the main motivation for accountability.

While there is an impetus to spend us out of this Recession and to implement similar financial theories devised by economists guiding President Roosevelt during the Great Depression, we need to review the consequences employed by history. While FDR did everything sincerely imaginable in his power to end the Depression, it took years with the production of our factories during World War II which ultimately ended the economic slide.

As of today, I am not convinced an additional $800 Billion will help solve America's financial problems. I believe in  tax cuts for all citizens and less government in our lives overall. A Flat Tax and the abolishment of the IRS are worthy pursuits. Americans might insist on 'economic blackmail' where we allow the spending of such inconceivable amounts if the IRS or a complete overhaul of our tax system is accomplished. We all know this will never happen in our lifetimes.  

By and large we all wish our new President success. While I have no desire to revisit the General Election, I do remember the dubious associations with questionable characters, the scandals of untold amounts, left of center predilections, the unconscionable spending of over $750 Million to gain the Presidency and a past under lock and key where all records of any significance are nowhere to be found or unable to be released. 'Transparency' is presumably the new measure of cooperation and openess sought by the incoming Administration. Any logical person can understand that under these circumstances and set of facts, a 'pick and choose transparency' lends itself for us to be wise and tread lightly in any representation or explanation of a financial nature provided by the US Government.


During the Holidays I was able to set aside some time to go to the movies. As an enthusiast of all things political, I was able to view a splendid account of the interviews David Frost did with the former President several years after his resignation. Both actors portraying these characters were superb and engaging. In any scandal of such repute, money tends to be the main focus or challenge which ultimately corrupts those in high office. There's no need to be reminded that scandals on numerous occasions revolve around money. The Watergate scandal had its intrigue by President Nixon soliciting $1 Million from the Teamsters and offering the hush money to the burglars. While the cover up was finally revealed which implicated Nixon in the bungled burglary, we can appreciate the powerful effects money has in human nature. Watergate conjures up scandal and deception. In regards to our present condition, the sub prime mess has its origins in greed which eventually has catapulted America to its current financial mess. In Scripture it is mentioned the love of money is the root of all evil. We are truly experiencing its after effects today.

Thanks Again 


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