August 23rd, 2019 2:23 PM

Dear Friends,

We have a current situation in which America would like to continue having a trade relationship with Communists, unfortunately this ideology that has engulfed China historically, is preventing fair trade practices to occur. From my own experience in dealing with an ideology that is oppressive and domineering in its ability to traumatize on a personal and business level, I can see the 'writing on the wall' when one encounters the mental disturbance in which evil emanates. I for one understand and fully agree with this administration in attempts to impose tariffs on China, as they have squandered an opportunity to become a trade partner that has the capacity for integrity in its dealings since one can remember. Their actions are of no surprise, as China's attempts to rectify their disconsolate practices will rarely come to fruition. 

Americans must be reminded that Communism or works that involve Socialism as a major backdrop or influence in its plans and negotiations with other countries, can only cause harm, as the profits earned by China will be utilized to reinforce their military prowess in order to intimidate nations around the world, that also includes the United States. The motivations of those embedded in Communist philosophy are eager to destabilize the world, by their insistence that we all live in a manner where individuals are not offered control of their very lives.

Since the recognition of China by the 37th President many years ago, the relationship America has had with China can be seen as incredulous. The ramifications of this relationship has revealed a tremendous chronic trade deficit. This shortfall has been ignored by previous government administrations and has created a dysfunctional and lopsided pattern of abuse, in which the US consumer is dependent on cheap material goods and bargains as a source of merriment or dependence. While this hypothesis may be construed as idolatrous, the cure for its prolonged addiction is to purchase goods from other nations that have a preponderance in accepting and promulgating human rights.

For a number of years now, I have done my level best to not purchase goods manufactured in China, even though the pricing is well below items produced in the US. While the quality of such products are questionable, I would surmise purchasing these items has an accrual effect on one's production of endorphins, as it lifts one's mood if melancholy is apparent.

 Notwithstanding, currency manipulation is just one of the various actions by the Chinese that has drawn the ire of the US and other countries. It is my understanding, the Chinese government trade negotiators have abandoned a previous conceptual agreement to do the following:

1. Purchase a higher percentage of products manufactured by America than in previous years

2. End the practice of not protecting American intellectual property

3. Approve the fair trade guidelines that are negotiated and adopt them into Chinese law

4. Remove all tariffs on automobile imports from the US

5. Purchase larger amounts of American agricultural products

China has decided to implement the following:

6. Beef exports to China are not allowed

7. Liquified natural gas is no longer purchased by China

8. Soybeans are no longer purchased by China

9. Wheat is no longer purchased by China

As of today, China has imposed $75 Billion in tariffs on products coming from the US. The Communists are also targeting these tariffs to be imposed on 'swing states' in which the President was victorious in the 2016 General Election. In essence, China has decided it would be to their advantage to sink the fortunes of the President and the Republican Party in the 2020 General Election by its actions. The Democratic Party and leftist activists are cheering this latest attempt to blackmail the President and without question, the American people, by shrewdly enforcing their intimidating plans so the President does not win reelection. Concurrently, the American people will be placed in a position to either accept China's attempt in blackmailing the country by its trade policies, or Americans will come to realize this nation will be perniciously transformed, due to the harm China and the leftists are eager to implement on discerning Americans.

I will continue in providing my thoughts in an upcoming post, entitled

 "Be American - Buy American."

 This nation is at a crossroads, and we need Americans that truly love this country to save it from an ideology that only destroys.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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