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The General Election has come and gone but its aftermath will have long lasting effects for years to come. The effects are monumental, as we are embedded in a society that has changed so dramatically, the original framers would never recognize the voluntary acquiescence of freedom by its electorate. 

While the thoughts and philosophies of the Founding Fathers is the foundation of our current existence, many Americans are unaware of this nation's history or the sacrifice of courageous men and women that have lost their lives for the comforts enjoyed by so many. We have also witnessed the sad lack of intellect, substance or wisdom of those unable or unwilling to appreciate the values and virtues of a nation inspired by the eternal faith of divine providence.

The last several posts of the TeamBlog were written ostensibly to remind this nation of the pain and suffering of ill advised government policies and the complicit corruption of government, media and business in destroying the concept of one's sovereignty.

I neglected to mention the value of education as a source of inspiration in securing the American dream. This dream is not just of wealth or material possessions, but the ability to engage in a meaningful and intelligent dialogue where views or the participation in the community are reflected by one's integrity and respect for others, their families and for themselves. When others recognize one's genuine sincerity in living a life of a concerned citizen, honor and respect is the ultimate reward truly recognized and embraced by one's peers. 

The General Election has opened an avalanche of statistics where demographics of all population sectors has enlightened the casual observer and has created a treasure of information for political scientists and pundits to ponder for years to come. The depth of change and its rapidity in regards to all aspects of the American electorate, is profound. I will only concentrate on one aspect, as startling details of other variables has surprised a vast majority of Americans who truly love this country.

Knowledge Is Power

It is a basic fact the educational system in America has failed. Illiteracy is the byproduct of ineptitude among those individuals entrusted to shape the minds of youngsters, only for them to graduate ill prepared to enter college or the work force. The millions of dollars earmarked to raise education scores has been a waste, as the cohesion of teacher, student and parent is a facade where disappointment is its ultimate success. The importance of education is diminished when a parent's culture deems school work as a diversion or the chronic struggle to overcome financial problems in the family, has made a youngster's school curriculum an unmet priority.

 Work Has Value

As years go by, many Americans are unable to value the work ethic as one of the values created in the formation of this republic. Not having an appreciation of American history or the personalities devoted to the preservation of this nation, Americans have encountered their own path. Eager to skip hard work as the virtuous attainment of security, we now have a population desirous of plenty in which the federal government dilutes the concept of liberty by offering entitlements galore. Food stamps, 99 week unemployment compensation, EBT benefits and the expansion of welfare are just a handful of the alms the government seeks to provide its citizens in its quest for control. This of course is contrary to the ideals espoused by America throughout its history, where work from manual labor above all else, contributes to one's independence from government encroachment. The workings of a free enterprise system and the sustenance it provides, are exact opposites of a movement towards socialism encouraged by this government.

The unraveling of the economy has by design or happenstance created an opening, where dependence on government is an easy escape to have one's financial burdens satisfied. Even if you are in good health and able bodied, the lure of government benefits is to keep you from seeking employment in the private sector. This gameplan scores points when government aid for others unwilling to be bothered by not seeking gainful employment, are acts of manipulation to earn one's allegiance and one's vote. The motives to control the population is hidden from the magnanimous gestures of compassion towards the elderly, handicapped and the infirm. This sector of American society need not be traumatized by the cynical, as they are truly in need of care from all persuasions where decency and generosity is respected.

Education, the work ethic and government intervention steered the General Election results on November 6th.  For many years our society has continued to suffer from the consequences of an educational system unable to meet the challenges of a growing and competitive world. Unforseen variables also compels one to act in a manner against one's basic self interest. The chronic stress many have suffered these past 4 to 5 years and the shortcut to maintain equilibrium without the turmoil that change often takes, is a reality one only decides to maintain either by a sense of despair, weariness or laziness.

The inability of students to be inspired in the classroom has given them a lukewarm understanding of the high ideals of American democracy, the workings of the marketplace and other concerns. The environment, family structure, culture and government policies has contributed to the development and the formation in developing one's character and integrity. As young adults, the not so distant past has become a path of least resistance. 

Ironically, the value of hard work and independence which has contributed to the formation of this great nation, is shrewdly ostracized by powerful interests in government and the media in its desire for dominance. For those trampling the Constitution, the election returns is a job well done.

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