June 19th, 2020 2:44 PM

Dear Friends,

This nation has been tormented by several alarming devastating situations that have shaken the very fabric of America's character. The continued and alarming basis in which logical and rational thought are ravaged by political ideology, in which Socialism and Communism has risen in acceptance by violence, is dangerous.

The coup attempt by a 'deep state' cabal has been discovered along with a political organization in concerted efforts to impeach a duly elected President without evidence of wrongdoing.

The origination of the Coronavirus in Communist China, has decimated the tranquility and peace of mind of Americans, as the economic gains of all demographic groups before the pandemic have suffered, as today's unemployment figures resembles the tragic history of The Great Depression.

The civil disobedience that has enveloped by the horrific death of an African-American by a Caucasian police officer on Memorial Day, has consumed America with the plight of brutality, anger and sadness. The scourge of racism has become an issue that has impacted the lives of those that have suffered from its effects. Concurrently, Americans that do not harbor this form of hatred in their hearts, have suffered from the anarchy that has blossomed throughout communities.

While these circumstances are prevailing and are undeniable in their importance in our lives, the main street media has caused considerable harm by their unrelenting bias towards its manipulation of events and censorship of the truth. Furthermore, the prevalence of hypocrisy among the press, politicians and other individuals or entities is a cause of major concern in establishing the truth. As mentioned in Scripture, hypocrisy is an ailment in which cognitive dissonance flourishes in arguments that are deemed vacuous in content. 

The 1st Amendment to the Constitution has been disturbed by the incessant verbiage of leftist activists portraying their personalities as unbiased journalists. A good number of the American people consider themselves as 'a silent majority'. This group of law abiding discerning Americans became known as a force to be reckoned with in the 1968 General Election. The theme of 'Law and Order' gave the Republican Presidential Candidate a victory to help end the violence. I'm old enough to know that history repeats itself, even in our own lifetimes. The time for healing America begins now.


Every so often I choose several books that I will be reading from cover to cover, as I'm eager to explore a world that I might have never known or recognize circumstances that have occurred in my past. This year, I've chosen 3 soft cover books that elevates prayer to comfort me during these challenging times. In my life I'm familiar with the power that prayer has in changing the focus of discontent towards hope, when there is despair or despondency.

The 3 books I chose to read this Summer are:

The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence

The Best of John Wesley on Prayer by John Wesley

199 Promises of God written in Scripture

I have read the book by Brother Lawrence many years ago. I'm glad that I have the chance to reacquaint myself with his sincere devotion in channeling the presence of Our Lord in his life - as well as ours.

John Wesley 'was known for many things - his preaching, his writing of books and hymns, his compassion for the poor'. This is the introduction in the book, that begins our path towards the wisdom embedded in prayer.

The 199 Promises of God reminds us that our lives are indeed full of hope and encouragement, even when our personal challenges become overwhelming.

The time for prayers to help end the divisions America faces today is needed, for the restoration of our lives.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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