September 13th, 2009 8:46 PM

Dear Friends,

There is something in the air. I can feel it! I can't pinpoint it or say what it is or when this feeling will become an apparition or when it will be known. Let's say it's a gathering storm where all Americans will eventually come to know facts or occurrences which have been hidden from public view. There is a feeling that I have that once this information is revealed, all of our lives will be transformed for the best.

Let me tell you that I am not a clairvoyant nor have I lost my senses. It's just that with so many transgressions and suffering many Americans have been subjected to, I am of the opinion there will be a release of some sort which will provide an outcome all of us have been eagerly awaiting. During times of crisis, a change is required to overcome a direction not of our making. Notwithstanding, if a change is embraced by powerful forces without universal approval, conflict ensues. This conflict becomes an expression of our deepest convictions where the righteous triumph.

If you are a regular reader of the TeamBlog you might be able to read between the lines or surmise there will come a day when all of our struggles and challenges we've become accustomed to these past few years, will come to a glorious end.

$8000 Tax Credit

Of all the times in recent memory, if you are a First Time Home Buyer NOW is the best time to purchase a home. Interest rates are low and homes are at affordable prices. We encourage you to be PRE-QUALIFIED before you begin the search for your new home. The tax credit expires on November 30th. Please call our office at 323-936-3232 for more information so you can take advantage of this government offer before it's too late.

Mortgage Rates

Please check our website for our current interest rates where we do our best to either meet or beat any advertised fixed rate loan.

MoneyTeam is offering a 30 Year Fixed Rate at 4.75% and a 15 Year Fixed Rate at 4.125% Both are Conforming Loans at 1 Point cost.

On Jumbo loans, MoneyTeam is offering a 30 Year Fixed at 5.00% at 1 Point Cost.

On SuperJumbo up to $2,000,000, MoneyTeam is offering a 5/1 Arm, Fixed for 5 years at 4.875%. Please call our office at 323-936-3232 for more details on loans over $2,000,000.

20 Year Anniversary In October

I was a branch manager of a bank headquartered in San Francisco 20 years ago. On September 15th of 1989 I was given my walking papers and I've looked forward to a promising future ever since! While MoneyTeam opened its doors less than 3 weeks later, I have strived to provide the lowest rate and fees for all of our clients. There are times that I may not have had the control in regards to the items charged, but I will do my best to reimburse a fee if warranted.

Service is also important as a client requires a date to close an escrow whether it be a purchase or a refinance. Many changes in the mortgage industry with additional guidelines and paperwork have curtailed ontime fundings to the frustration of buyers and Realtors in purchase transactions. While we are always working to do our best in meeting deadlines, there are circumstances beyond our control.

In an upcoming TeamBlog, I will write about situations that I have never encountered in 27 years of originating mortgage loans until just recently. The 'HORROR STORIES' edition planned for a future TeamBlog, is just a fraction of the challenges mortgage brokers are encountering in today's newest attempts for control of every aspect of the loan business.

Overall, I am happy to have known so many clients throughout the years that have become long time friends. During the next few weeks, MoneyTeam will be calling previous clients to strike up old friendships and memories of times past as nostalgia for the good ole' days comes to mind. While all loans are not of the 'slam dunk' variety, I am confident we at MoneyTeam have tried to do our best. You'll be hearing from us and our BIGGEST SALE to date - our 20TH ANNIVERSARY SALE, very soon! 

Thanks Again



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