December 1st, 2020 4:02 PM

Dear Friends,

This year has had and continues to have a tremendous amount of distress throughout America. The Coronavirus pandemic, the violence in cities attributed to the shocking death of an African-American by a police officer in Minneapolis on Memorial Day and the widespread fraud in the General Election among 'battleground' states, has revealed a side of America's character in need of rumination. 

In the previous Blog post - AMERICA'S LAST THANKSGIVING - the response to this entry was overwhelming, as many of you are aware this country has been attacked by an evil presence that has made its motives to overthrow a Republic known. The allegations of Treason and Sedition to destroy the US Government has risen, in serious discussions by newsworthy Americans. Notwithstanding, the desire of individuals and entities to censor the truth to promote a leftist method of governance in our lives, will not suceed. Democratic principles and the divine presence of Judeo-Christian ethics are embedded in the spirit of true discerning Americans.

The Unraveling American Character has been exposed. The unmasking of personalities that lack the essence of integity by an unwillingness to incorporate the truth in their expressions and the manner of one's behavior with others, has been revealed for everyone to see. Individuals and entities that presumably earned America's trust, are no longer capable of resuscitaing their beleaguered reputations. One would assume that if you live long enough, one can accrue the virtue of wisdom through circumstances when good vs. evil are determined. Unfortunately, age does not provide the common sense attributes of intelligence necessary for wise decisions. Today, America is under attack by forces of evil in efforts to undermine the rights emblazoned in the Constitution.

The loss of one's liberty and freedom is the grave consequence that will create a Constituonal crisis which in turn will sanction and provoke a Civil War. The General Election has offended Americans that truly believe in the truth - and nothing but the truth!

With that said, I have given advice to many clients throughout the years. The only profound and momentous advice to share, is to Pray - unceasingly. We must ask for God's forgiveness so hatred and division imposed by mental afflictions on this blessed nation will dissipate. The Power of Prayer will indeed offer this nation the comfort required, to win the war against evil at this time in America's history. Never be discouraged - as God is in control!

Thanks again for your continiuous support - during these challenging times in America.

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