September 25th, 2019 5:01 PM

Dear Friends,

Over the years, you have read my concerns and viewpoints in regards to political matters that have created constant conflict. I do my best to review the issues involved through a methodical and logical approach. Moreover, my desire to be impartial and reasonable in my conclusions after the examination of the subject in question is paramount, as this is how I form an intelligent opinion. In regards to the newest attempt to destroy the 45th President by the Main Street Media and the Democratic Party, I have come to the sober conclusion there is nothing of major egregious consequence that has been divulged by the brief conversation of the Chief Executive with the Ukrainian President this Summer.

While it is obvious after so many attempts to dismantle the Presidency of this man who was duly elected in the 2016 General Election, the American people have come to the realization there is an evil presence that has conspired to destabilize this country - by all means necessary. The main purpose for this alignment is to manipulate, intimidate and force Socialism and/or Communist ideology on a nation founded on Judeo-Christian principles that run counter to secular theories of oppressive government and its involvement in every aspect of one's life. From cradle to grave, the Socialists are out to impose their inept theories on a nation that abhors the constant, radical and incompetence that never allows a coherent solution to the challenges we face.

Before the current President was elected in the 2016 General Election, he was mocked, ridiculed and scorned by a pronounced conglomerate of liberal, Socialist entities in the main street media, members of the Democratic Party, the entertainment industry, university professors and faculty and those afflicted with mental impediments of hatred and ignorance. This continued mental diaspora has affected the environment, as the truth, once revealed, is no longer viewed as valid nor credible in the eyes of 'progressives' - a term that is now considered a pejorative by a 'deplorable' population, unaccustomed to a mental disorder that encapsulates disrespect of those with opposing views. An example of this disorder is the bizarre interpretation by the 'progressives' about the declassified transcript that was provided, in regards to the phone conversation by the Chief Executive with the Ukrainian President. To infer there is a Constitutional malevolence by the President in what was discussed - is ludicrous - and only damages the ability and the confidence in formulating foreign policy in the future.

This latest attempt to 'impeach' without a vote in the House or providing Articles of Impeachment, the current 'inquiry' will not accomplish the desires of those in Congress. There are no High Crimes or Misdemeanors and the Articles of Impeachment will not address any action that can be described as an attempt to bypass the Constitution by this President. To 'impeach' the President under unethical false pretenses, is a prelude towards tyranny.

There are Americans like myself that fully recognize the dangerous ramifications of promoting Socialism to younger generations that have not suffered the indignities of oppression nor have sacrificed their lives for freedom. We are seeing the delusion of a political party advocating Anti-Semitism - infanticide - higher taxes on everything imaginable - the end of sovereignty by allowing open borders - free health care for everyone and illegal aliens, without any idea for how to pay for these entitlements - the confiscation of personal weapons and a 'Green New Deal' that will end capitalism or the free market system. These are just a few of the graphic leftist policies the Socialists are eager to implement.

I am not a registered Democrat or a Republican. As an Independent, I am truly humbled that I have a loyal following. I can say the chronic attempts to destroy a conservative political opposition will backfire, as the following events will occur:

1. President Trump will be reelected and win the 2020 General Election in a landslide

A. The Congress will forfeit its Democratic majority

B. The Senate will gain additional Republican seats

C. The Junior Senator from Massachusetts will be the 2020 Democratic nominee

2. A major shift in political affiliation will occur, as Democrats will register as Republican or as an Independent due to the extreme Socialist policies, chronic hypocrisy and bedlam of the Democratic Party

A. The Democratic Party will cease to exist within a generation, as Americans will no longer ask to be represented by their political operatives

3. The Main Street Media and large Social Media Outlets will no longer be viewed by a majority of Americans as having credibility due to the censorship of conservative or differing viewpoints

This President has endured an overwhelming amount of scrutiny by opposition forces, for policies and actions that are ironically assisting Americans of all demographics. This success has infuriated those unable to accept the obvious. Most importantly, divine circumstances continue to protect the President from his adversaries.

The truth has been revealed.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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