August 13th, 2019 6:35 PM

Dear Friends,

I was inspired to write this post when I attended Church the other day, and the Pastor contributed his thoughts on the individuals that we encounter by displaying characteristics of their personalities deemed to be toxic, foolish or wise. It is truly unfortunate that many discerning Americans are continuously distressed by the likes of toxic and foolish people, in their overbearing displays of rudeness and carelessness through their expressions. The prudent or wise person is rarely recognized nor given the respect that is due, as the truth becomes emasculated as a pejorative. 

In my own life, I've encountered those that are disposed to all three attributes, but I'm perplexed the acquisition of wisdom is not reflected on individuals of an older age. I back away from those that have an affinity towards neurotic tendencies, an inability to value the ability to form logical reasoning, known as common sense, or the exasperation of listening to expletives as a form of expression which I consider repugnant. In my life I have corrected those that utilize this type of language in basic conversations. Men and even women that contemplate on cursing in my presence, know full well, when speaking with me, such foul language is never spoken in order to have an intelligent or intellectual conversation. Such language does not add but rather substracts, as it denigrates the substance of a message, observation or opinion. There are those in my life that are baffled in my disappearance from their lives, as my patience for their vulgar speech patterns is not allowed in my company. This is just one aspect of my disdain for the corruption and insolence of the English language, as its use is inappropriate. It's also apparent that respect is an attribute that denotes the formation of one's character. If one does not have respect for oneself, it's only logical one does not have respect for others.

America is facing a time in which introspection can be considered a healthy alternative to restore one's sanity, as the toxic and foolish members of society are attempting to destabilize and oppress this nation by boorish and contemptible displays of incoherence and disparaging modes of expression. There are various entities that have energized their powerful capacity to involve this nation, in a chronic manipulation of what constitutes logical reasoning in the governance of this country. Their policies are devoid of common sense, as a stunning mental affliction has been discovered by those blessed with the attributes of wisdom. In this regard, as previously mentioned, it is perplexing that wisdom has not been acquired nor established by individuals of an older age. While this is true, there are Americans of all demographics that have suffered greatly from entities and individuals seeking our acceptance in allowing their incoherent socialist policies to flourish. This irony reminds wise discerning Americans, the nation will suffer perdition if their mental faculties of oppression are allowed to be represented in our communities and in government.

The wise inhabitants of this great nation will rise up and defeat the toxic and foolish citizens, seeking to destroy the semblance of law and order and the preeminent culture established by Judeo-Christian values since America's founding.

The countdown towards America's destiny continues and will have its denouement on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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