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I was aiming to devote my time and energy in discussing how The Crusades continue to be relevant in the 21st Century. While this theme is indeed important in a world where religion is central to the lives of billions, I've digressed and came to the realization there is a groundswell of activity in the topic that I am about to explore.

In the course of one's day you might have wondered, "Is That All There Is?"  Many years have passed since Peggy Lee performed this haunting tune. I was too involved in adolescence to appreciate or even reflect if my life was truly making a difference. When one reaches an evolution or an epiphany in one's reasoning, it is common to have doubts or regrets when life quickly passes by and the time to accomplish the dreams of the past are no longer within one's grasp. Attempts in finding solace and harmony, introspection can be considered a form of therapy in which we gather our thoughts and seek to better understand the path we've taken. Certainly after much honest deliberation, one can truly break away from or come to terms that one's journey is unique and no other soul has traveled under the same exact circumstances. The frenzied ritual of discontent in our daily lives, does not offer the time allowed to become the better person we've formulated in our fragile minds. The 9 to 5 job, the chronic litany of unending responsibilities, the desire to be understood, the painful suffering or sacrifices of the present are just a few of the prerequisites that has created a current turmoil of a society, battling an illness of mediocrity. What does this all mean and what is happening to us?

I believe Americans are beginning to understand the daily disturbance of abnormal, quixotic philosophies of thought, generating acceptance by some and revulsion by others. Many of us are amazed at the inability of the government, the media or the marketplace to grasp the harm that has occurred in its desire or scheme to denigrate and perpetuate a discourse in which long held values and modes of thought are no longer deemed acceptable. 

In my desire to comprehend the tumult of a society struggling to find a common and direct voice, I'm jolted to a time and place where intelligence, humility, decisiveness, trust and courage were standard virtues in a nation. By reading several chapters in American history, one can be reminded of the magnanimous approach and unending desire by our fellow countrymen to overcome the suffering of its people. Older Americans have known to this to be true. Unfortunately, America is now in a mental capsule where the 3 I's have become the hallmark of a dying nation. Incoherence, Indecision and Incompetence are the newest standards of a philosophy where the inspiration of the Founding Fathers for liberty and freedom is viewed as a hindrance in the functioning of a democratic republic.

The Consequences In All Spheres

Many small business owners are having difficulty making payroll or even keeping their doors open due to the never ending assault of government intervention in the private sector. The recipe contrived by the majority party to control the workings of a free market system are exacerbating the chances of a full and speedy financial recovery.

The seeds of incoherence dominate the new health care reform law, where we now understand the deleterious effects that have infected the medical industry with higher costs and premiums. Most Americans will pay higher taxes, fines and lose their ability to choose the medical practioner they've entrusted with their care. 

The bail out frenzy devised to stimulate the economy has not worked, only creating a rise in trillion dollar debts posing a systemic path towards a loss of our sovereignty and the possibility of a financial collapse similar to the 'contagion' in Europe. The recent fluctuations in the price of the Euro can be explained by simply reviewing the facts. The inability to resuscitate a region where the work ethic is a distraction for many and where the birth rate no longer can sustain the lifestyle of its older citizens, these circumstances do not bode well for financial stability or growth. In America, the failure to comprehend the consequences of government actions by infiltrating and controlling the marketplace to extrapolate as much tax revenue it can possibly muster, this mindset will continue to destroy the health of free enterprise.

As a mortgage broker, there has been a haphazard attempt to alleviate the Draconian underwriting guidelines for many first time home buyers or seasoned investors. We have noticed there are lenders willing to work with a loan originator in securing an approval on a purchase or refinance loan request. Common sense underwriting is still available. However, there are financial institutions that have developed an obstacle course where the borrower is no longer viewed with respect but as a criminal with everything to hide. There is a lack of trust by the lender as their inquisition have continued the disdain Americans have for the banking industry. The irony has been established where the bailouts of the major banks has stymied the attempts by ordinary citizens to acquire credit. The directive to hoard the bail out monies and to lend sparingly, is a construct only an incompetent bank manager similar in appeal to the fictitious Milburn Drysdale can recognize as an asset.

Many of us also recognize there is an undercurrent of indecision which has worked its way into the offices of the very people hired to protect this country. Government officials have come under scrutiny for their delayed reactions to the oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico. While this was an unforseen circumstance as the explosion cost the lives of 11 British Petroleum employees, the slow response by the current administration has been excoriated by most everyone. While the consequences are far reaching and will most likely harm the coastline, the wildlife and the fishing and tourist industry for years to come, one needs to evaluate the role government can play in a disaster of this magnitude. 

Certainly there is a time and place where government can demonstrate its responsibilities. The oil spill is a classic example where government could generate trust by showing its competence, if it only had someone enriched with decisive capabilities to take charge from the very beginning. The failure to respond in a crisis expeditiously can only further erode the confidence many Americans have in their elected officials.

While we have a desire to overcome the tragic public events and the personal suffering in which this Great Recession has made its presence known, one must acknowledge there has been a change in how we relate to each other. The pain associated with the loss of a job, a home, continuous financial difficulties or a loved one's demise can be seen as the seeds of depression and despair. This great country has endured. The next chapter of American history will be written by those that have lived as though a transformation never occurred.

Peggy Lee

We encourage your participation in viewing Miss Lee's 1969 performance of "Is That All There Is?"

Memorial Day

As you know Memorial Day is this coming Monday, May 31st. Please take time during this Holiday to remember all of the brave men and women that have sacrificed their lives for us, to live in the greatest country known to man. Our prayers are with the family and friends of the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. May the Good Lord bring them home soon.

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