September 19th, 2020 9:12 PM

Dear Friends,

On Tuesday, November 3rd, Americans will know if living in a Democratic Republic or under the governance of Socialism, Marxism or even Communism will come to pass. Everything I said here is not hyperbole. With all humility, I consider myself a serious thought provoking fair minded individual. My stoic belief that Judeo-Christian values are prevalent in my life has become a saving grace. As a youngster, the traumatic experience of 'escaping' Communist Cuba with my brothers without the presence of my beloved parents, has created a passionate distrust of anyone that promotes an ideology that destroys the family. After fleeing that imprisoned island, my brothers and I were reunited with our parents four years later. What happened 58 years ago, will never convince me that I would agree to live under oppression for the rest of my life.

My family went through a living Hell back then. There are family members still in Cuba that have suffered and eventually lost their lives under a regime that delights in the advance of evil by its repressive efforts to control everyone's life. For Americans to willfully adopt a mental disorder of incapacity by destroying their lives to experience tyranny, is totally in the realm of psychological dementia. Notwithstanding, I will never comprehend how Americans have inherently lost the ability to incorporate the basic tenets of common sense of survival, from evil.

Satanic forces have permeated this nation. It is my assertion that a mental affliction on its inhabitants has been released, promulgated by a deep hatred of a nation that has succeeded in its capacity to raise the human condition around the world. Anyone with an intelligent or intellectual manifestation, can either describe this mental affliction as either the effects of cognitive dissonance or a contradiction known as an oxymoron.

There are integral entities that have conspired to end liberty and freedom in America. The main street media; the 'deep state' establishment government operatives in past or current administrations in concerted attempts to destroy this nation from within; the indoctrination of hatred in America's history and culture by school and college curriculums; an entertainment industry that allows a prurient assault and unceasing violence in its escalation of 'amusement'; and a professional sports industry that has forfeited the loyalty of its fans for elevating a misunderstood concept of justice that has no basis in its veracity.

The upcoming General Election in November has been recognized as the most important election in our lifetimes. Discerning citizens like myself that have 'escaped' oppression, fully understand the consequences of living under despotism. Must I and other law abiding citizens, 'escape' America if a leftist cabal succeeds in destroying the sacrosanct rights incorporated in the Constitution? And if freedom is no longer valued in our lives, will the pursuit of happiness cease to exist?

I'm at an age that I can appreciate everything that has transpired in my life for me to view America's circumstances as a harbinger of troubling events to come. The only method to end the madness in which America is confronted with today, is to pray. The force and power of prayer to heal this nation from the Satanic attacks of division and hatred, is to trust God for our redemption and salvation. When a nation turns to Him for guidance, our prayers will be answered. We must be reminded that America was founded under the guardianship of an Almighty God. "In God We Trust' is emblazoned in the US Capitol and this nation's currency as a reminder of religious liberty. It is truly unfortunate the disruption of church services across the country, have contributed towards the desecration and dilution of faith under 'lockdowns' by government bureaucrats. Questionable proclamations by powerful forces - a so called 'progressive elite' - were implemented in efforts to cease the fellowship one has for others. A painful recognition that one's faith or one's religion is a distraction, has undermined the freedom of religion for 'lockdowns' that have destroyed the finances of self employed proprietors and communities at large. The consequences are extreme. Vandalism, looting, rioting, violence, anarchy and the killings in major cities has done eternal damage to America's character. 

The passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday, will add an explosive aspect to the conflagration of distress this nation has and will continue to encounter this political season. The process to replace her on the Court has already begun an avalanche of verbal conflict due to her pro-choice views. It is fascinating to ponder that Justice Ginsburg's death on Rosh Hashanah, may be construed as a biblical coincidence, as this day has a significance when Jewish brethren are committed to prayer and peace for the coming year. It is true RBG lived an adventurous life. Her knowledge and interpretation of the Constitution has led to judicial activism. This understanding is contrary for Justices that believe their roles are defined as 'strict constructionists' of law and its statutes. Notwithstanding, there are controversies that are reflected by Justice Ginsburg's vast opinions that will be discerned and remembered for years to come by her judicial peers and most importantly, by the entire nation. At this time, there is no need for disparagement if so inclined. One's judgement and past actions for sustaining the sanctity of life on Earth will be ascertained by a Higher Power. Heartfelt condolences are for her family, friends and associates.

In Scripture, when a nation humbles itself and seeks forgiveness for its sins, Our Dear Lord will hear our call and forgive our trespasses. The time has arrived for America to end its unraveling towards perdition, and in so doing, may God continue to Bless America.

Thanks again for your continuous support - during these challenging times in America. 

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