April 18th, 2019 3:22 PM

Dear Friends,

The Special Counsel Report was revealed today. The Report concluded there was no evidence the President and his campaign staff were involved with Russian operatives in any attempt to fraudulently disrupt the 2016 General Election in a scheme to win the Presidency. Moreover, there is no evidence the President nor his staff were involved in any corruptive activities, as there was no obstruction of justice involved in the President's actions

All told, there was no collusion or obstruction that occurred. How can there be an obstruction of justice charge when there was no collusion to begin with? Unfortunately, the American people and the current administration have been on a 2 year excursion into the depths of injustice by the turbulence of leftist mental afflictions. To allege the 2016 General Election was forfeited by the Democratic Party candidate due to the involvement of the Russians, is a fictional script worthy of combustion.

In the post that was written on March 27th, the 'collusion illusion' is alive and thriving in the minds of entities unable or unwilling to accept the truth. Common sense is a method to determine the veracity of one's convictions. I was able to read a good portion of the Report, but not in its entirety. Nevertheless, many Americans have and will come to the conclusion that justice, after 2 long years, has finally been fulfilled.

On this Holy Thursday, the discerning spirits of our environment have revealed the true manifestations of those for and against the dismantling of a democratic republic. The Report that was disclosed today offers Americans the ability to decipher the intent of those eager to provoke conflict. There will be a time before the 2020 General Election, Americans will come to the realization of public and clandestine attempts to denigrate the rule of law by concerted attacks on the Constitution.

We live in dangerous times. To have this Report released during Holy Week, is a sign that will be interpreted for its true significance by circumstances not yet revealed. The original instigators who devised this fallacious account of 'collusion' to destabilize America will receive their comeuppance - as the day of reckoning for their actions are impending.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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