October 27th, 2018 3:01 PM

Dear Friends,

As long as I have the strength to live, my focus is to be a servant to others in my capacity as a man that seeks the truth in all circumstances. As a servant, I will do my very best to offer objective advice once requested, as a testament in resolving challenges that have consumed my community and this nation as a whole. Everything that I share with you is the truth, since I'm able to encapsulate its understanding through various evaluations of its veracity by independent and impartial entities.

As you are now made aware of my motivations, this nation is suffering from consequences that began long ago, when voices perceived as inviolate, no longer are considered credible nor acceptable by astute and intelligent Americans. The rise in skepticism and cynicism of all circumstances due to its politicization, has contributed to a society in which one's character is in a chronic state of scrutiny. I can blame the media, politicians, celebrities and anyone that is suffering from a mental affliction devoted to hate - for the 'incivility' that has nurtured the unraveling of law and order in a democratic republic. While this is the curse that continues its onslaught in America, most of us wonder when the good graces of those in this nation will have the powerful propensity to suppress and to eventually end the mechanics of evil in this country. Just yesterday, a man was arrested by law enforcement authorities as the mastermind in sending by mail or delivering by courier - 'pipe bombs' - to political figures and celebrities that have a conflicting ideology of his partisan views. We are learning more of this individual since his arrest, nonetheless there are troubling questions surrounding his aptitude in devising the circumstances in which this horror was able to have occurred.

The evil in this nation continues - as a profound tragedy has created the loss of life - when a gunman entered and killed 11 members of a synagogue - today in Pittsburgh. What we are witnessing must come to an end.

Our Responsibility When One Is Eager to Be Heard

Before anyone speaks, one must take a deep breath and contemplate the words utilized to express an opinion that will be appraised for its coherence and honesty. Everyone must cease a pattern to verbally offer assertions in which animosity is the main cornerstone of one's argument. Clarity in its delivery must be established without deception. While there is a mindset of individuals or groups that have deprived their souls of righteousness, we must have the courage to rise and demand the truth when the American people are misled. In this day and age, it is disconcerting for me to suggest a method of instructions on how to tell the truth. The speech we hear from powerful influential individuals of all political persuasions, can lead to actions contemplated by those seeking to create harm by violent or unethical means. The concepts of free speech and religious freedom can only be abused, by those that empower socialism and despise the traditional understanding of our civil rights espoused in the Constitution. When the truth is recognized and revealed, a modicum of peace can restore our confidence and trust in others. I suggest you read previous TeamBlog posts - to gain a true understanding that one's derogatory verbal tirades, allows hatred to flourish.

The time has arrived for us to pray and ask God for His forgiveness and assistance in the elimination of evil in America. The outcome of the Mid Term Elections in November will decide if the forces of human decency are alive and making a difference in our lives.

 Let's pray - today - for peace.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

From A Distance - Ronan Tynan

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