August 29th, 2018 11:36 AM

Dear Friends,

Arizona Senator and the Republican Standard Bearer in the 2008 US General Election

 - John McCain -

 passed away on Saturday, August 25th. The Senator is considered to have had a pronounced presence in the lives of many Americans due to his resolute independence and the force of his convictions to solve America's problems through compromise. His life of 81 years has known devastation and victory, as he was captured as a prisoner of war during the Vietnam conflict. For over 5 years he suffered the pain of torture along with his compatriots in the 'Hanoi Hilton'. His involvement to serve others was duly elevated through public service as a Congressman, Senator and was recognized for his capacity to govern, when he was chosen by the Republican Party to lift the spirits of Americans during the 2008 General Election. It is worth mentioning that he chose Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as the first woman in Republican circles to be nominated, as a Vice Presidential running mate.

Siince his passing, many individuals of all persuasions and personalities have admired and have offered contrary, scornful opinions of his decisions and his time in government. While the Senator was a controversial figure, he was respected nonetheless. There will be memorials for the Senator during the next several days. His Funeral will take place this coming Saturday, September 1st.

Perhaps a life in the public eye for many years has contributed to our understanding of one's human nature and the substance of one's character. Senator McCain is no exception, as we desire for him to have the opportunity with God's grace, to finally Rest In Peace. The work of redemption has begun in earnest from up above, as it's truly unfortunate the President and the Senator's faithful and loyal running mate in the 2008 General Election, were not invited to attend his funeral. It must be said, the eternal acquisition of wisdom is reserved for those who forgive and are humbled by defeat.

 Condolences and America's prayers for his family and friends during this time of reflection and lamentation, are acknowledged.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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