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Dear Friends,

Many years ago when I was a Freshman in College as a Political Science major, I was enrolled in Philosophy classes that introduced students to the various ideologies that transformed political history, by its interpretation of the human condition. To name a few of the philosophers in question, John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Hobbes, Friedrich Nietzsche, Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Rousseau, Montesquieu, Aristotle, Socrates among others, I was truly fascinated and intrigued with their understanding on how civilization is to be governed as the penultimate basis for order in society. Throughout human history, the ideologies eviscerated by these philosophers have been tried on a level that has created progress in human interactions, while other doctrines have abused the sanctity and respect for the existence of life itself.

 I hate to generalize, but it is truly unfortunate that Americans of a certain generation - The Millenials - have come to view Socialism as the transformative idea to exist in life without impediments. The indoctrination of this philosophy by leftist professors throughout universities of 'higher education' - without divulging its detrimental societal effects - has provided a misleading interpretation of its value. Concurrently, the unwilling desire to compare ideologies that have incorporated positive degrees of governance - as the concept of Democracy, a Democratic Republic or Capitalism - has inflicted damage to the intellectual growth of reasoning, logic and discernment upon this generation.

It has come to the attention of intelligent and discerning Americans, there has been a rise in the acceptance of Socialism as the main concept in governance. The individuals that have professed to be enamored with this method of solving the specific challenges of this nation, do not possess an understanding of the consequences that will become evident, once any extreme measures that involve Socialism are adopted. Whether by approval or force, any legislation that revolves under this philosophy, will destroy the basic essence of a 'Democratic Republic' as envisioned and conceived by the Founding Fathers.

For those of you that have read past blogs, you have come to the realization that Socialism is a cancer that has destroyed and continually abuses those in Cuba, Venezuela and Communist countries with the denigration of its citizens. I was born in Communist Cuba and left that imprisoned island with my brothers in April of 1962. My beloved parents were successful in escaping over 4 years later. The separation that occurred during this time along with the pain and suffering that transpired, has shaped our personal history to this day. Nonetheless, our family has always been appreciative of those that assisted our flight to freedom. As of today, over 60 years later, Cuba has been controlled by powerful, unyielding Socialists that has led to full fledge Communists firmly in power.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Socialism as 'various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.' This ideology also recognizes the ownership of private property is not allowed and in essence, free market capitalism as established in America will not exist. This form of economic principles has created the unraveling of societies throughout human history and has plunged basic qualities of decency, respect and optimistic patters of conduct towards perdition.

The next step in the evolution of Socialism once adopted unwittingly or by force in a society, is the abusive demands of Communism orchestrated by a cadre of powerful, wicked, despotic forces that desire to control the masses by any means necessary. In America today, the political left in all supporting accoutrements will do its level best to define Socialism as a virtue so everyone can embrace its Utopian idyllic vision of 'heaven on earth.' Anyone that has been victimized by the contempt for liberty and freedom, truly understands the danger Socialism will incur. The time to end this flirtation with self destruction has arrived.

In an upcoming post I will review the newest encapsulation of a manifesto designed to destroy our lives by guidelines and procedures documented in 'the 'Green New Deal.' When the 45th President is the first Chief Executive to remind its citizens that 'America will never be a Socialist country' in a 'State of the Union' speech, the danger we face is fast approaching. The Intervention to educate Americans of the consequences posed by Socialism, must begin by those that have suffered from its hideous contempt for life itself. This post is my involvement in defeating the oppression of government intervention in our lives, by the repression of the American Constitutional Independent Spirit of 1776.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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