November 3rd, 2018 2:42 PM

Dear Friends,

I sat down the other day to reflect on the path America will undertake once the results of the Mid Term Elections are revealed. Since the Summer of 2015, there was a blessed group of the American electorate, I included, that believed the Republican candidate for President in the 2016 General Election would be victorious in winning the Presidency. The shock by numerous pundits in the media and in the political world were 'discombobulated', as this nation took the path ordained by the essence of wisdom and reinforced in passages of Scripture for the guidance it affords. I am of the humble opinion, the wisdom that was ascertained on that day, will happen again on Tuesday, November 6th.

Since the 2016 General Election, we have noticed a profound change in our personal financial status, as record breaking employment has resurrected the fortunes of Americans. Since February of this year, the tax cut and reform legislation began to be recognized as employers offered bonuses and higher pay that was prohibited during the previous eight years. The 'Great Recession' destroyed the futures of Americans by the incessant foreclosures, unemployment and bankruptcies that occurred under inept economic policies of the previous administration. Today however, Americans are fortunate to pick up the pieces of their lives, as the lift in finances has given many of the downtrodden another chance.

While there is a concerted effort by leftist political activists, the media, and voices that lack logic in their ideological assertions of inadequacy in the substance of their beliefs, the intelligence of the American electorate will be discovered to prevail, once again.

The Common Sense Questions That Do Not Require a PHD To Answer Correctly

1. The unemployment rate is at 3.7% - the lowest rate since 1967. The African-American,  Hispanic and Asian employment records have broken records. Women are gainfully employed more than ever before. The Consumer Optimism Index continues its rapid rise, as Americans believe their financial situation has improved tremendously. Why would I vote for a Democrat if Republican policies have dramatically improved the economy?

2. Why would I vote for a Democrat if their policies are allowing illegal aliens safe passage to the United States without documentation?

3. Why would I want to live in a 'sanctuary city' or a 'sanctuary state' when this designation attracts individuals that have broken the law, have violent crime records or are gang members seeking to do harm to law abiding citizens? 

4. Why would I vote for a Democrat, if they are eager to rescind the Tax Cuts that has assisted our ability to keep a roof over our heads, feed our children and manage our debts?

5. Why would I vote for a Democrat if they are eager to raise our taxes for no apparent reason?

6. Why would I vote for a Democrat if their main intention is to impeach the President on invalid charges that have no merit? For the past two years, this President has been investigated without any evidence that he 'colluded' with Russian authorities to win the 2016 General Election. Why would I allow impeachment proceedings to hamper the economy for the next two years, when any proposed Articles of Impeachment is a dubious attempt to destroy everything that has generated success?

7. Why would I vote for a Democrat that accentuates a foreign policy of appeasement, and does not have the requisite amount of wisdom to promote justice in American diplomacy, to end the abuses created by despotic regimes?  The nations of Korea, China, Russia, Syria and Iran come to mind.

8. The Affordable Care Act was never considered affordable. Why must the health care system be destroyed by those that advocate a Single Payer approach?

9. The illegal immigration problem can be resolved by building a wall. This is just one component to end the infiltration of drugs and violent individuals from entering this country on our Southern border. While immigration is an issue that poses many challenges, why would leftist activists in the Democratic Party allow 'open borders'?  Is this the motive to increase registration in a political party, by increasing its role in assisting these poor souls as 'victims' to be taken advantage of?

I can formulate additional questions in attempts to nullify the freedom of religion, the assault on the 2nd Amendment, the harassment and violent behavior of those that have leftist socialist views. This is the second election that will determine the substance of America's character - as the truth on what we believe will be disclosed on Election Night.

As an Intelligent Voter, you are utilizing the common sense that was given to you by a Higher Source we all recognize through our discerning Spirit.

My Predictions for the Mid Term Elections

The House of Representatives

The Republican Party will sustain its majority in the House by 7 - 10 or 12 members.

The Senate

The Republican Party will sustain its majority by a total count of 53 - 55 or 58 members.

We will know if the wisdom that was acquired and reinforced by Americans during the past two years, will be resurrected on Tuesday, November 6th.

May God continue to bless the United States of America, during this tempestuous time in American history.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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