January 10th, 2022 7:53 AM

Dear Friends,

I've become accustomed to living The Frugal Life. Let me explain. My excursion towards this phenomena abruptly began last year. The new government administration and their policies are considered as the main transgressors in their rush to harm Americans economically, for those suffering from poverty, the middle class and the elderly on fixed incomes. Suffice for me to say, this observation is true by any rational means of logical reasoning. While the cost of everything has risen exponentially, gas and food prices are the most pervasive. Driving around town for vital errands like going to the grocery store, business appointments, visiting friends, attending church services or ending the plight of 'cabin fever' by driving to the beach, costs more now than ever before! This condition is true across the country. So how does one acquire the ability to prevail over a situation that has the capacity to add additional stress by decimating one's budget?

Frankly, a budget has to be implemented in order to plan any and all expenses to ive without added stress. Many Americans are not multimillionaires, movie stars nor identify themselves as dishonest members of a corrupt society emblazoned with inept and unscrupulous politicians. I hate to generalize, as a percentage of these individuals have acquired the ability to scoff at the lives of others facing the scourge of inflation in their lives. The avalanche of the homeless population throughout America is just one of the numerous problems that reminds us of the cruel dementia that has overtaken the minds of those unable and unwilling to help resolve the plight of the disenfranchised. Besides a budget, one must consider the destinations involved so all the errands on any given day are in close proximity due to high gas prices at every turn. Just Saturday I was driving to the Dry Cleaners and on my way I noticed a gas station was charging $5.99 for regular! There were no vehicles pumping gas! I wonder why!

Every week I review the mailers sent by grocery stores near my neighborhood. I check for bargains and redeem coupons that offer savings on my favorte foods and various products I use and/or consume on a regular basis. In the last post I mentioned my commitment in losing weight and preparing healthier, nutritious meals. So far, I'm spending less by not purchasing foodstuffs that pose a detriment to my weight goals.

By the way, interest rates will definitely go up due to the inflation that has plagued the value of the US Dollar. To counterattack this development, you might decide to refinance your property at this time, as mortgage rates are very competitve. You might also contact your credit card companies to see if they're willing to lower their rates, if you have a satisfactory record of paying the minimum amount due on time.

These are just a few ideas that can help you and your family in living the frugal life that many of us are forced to live by. I also highly recommend that Americans should purchase products manufactured in this country - never from China - as the quality of US goods in comparison are truly superior.

Thanks again for your continuous support - during these challenging times in America - a nation under siege

Be unafraid and courageous. God is with you.

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