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Dear Friends,

Last Saturday, I was driving on the 405 North from Los Angeles to the Valley for an appointment, when I was delightfully reacquainted with a voice and a presence I have not visited in some time. The spirit of Montserrat Caballet, the gifted Spanish soprano filled my rental car with a profound and uplifting sense of bliss, that I was convinced and determined to surrender all of my internal doubts and fears to any struggle or obstacle which has created havoc in my otherwise natural optimistic disposition. I was truly delighted in the change of my composure towards a heavenly calm and comfort. Above all else the good Lord has made it possible for me to appreciate these travels of serendipity, which He allows as a remembrance of the goodness which continues to manifest in our lives. Pondering the financial nightmare of 2009, I have reenergized my survival abilities to remain steadfast when the entire world intensifies its incredulity on others, while the suffering of so many has giving credence in defining the basis of an oxymoron. Are we to believe the policies and the actions of those currently in power are genuine efforts to enrich, promote stability and to improve our lot in life? Or is the main incentive is to have government accumulate the mechanisms of control in every aspect of our lives? The consequences are obvious. The effects are never ending. The colloquial expression of 'The Fly in The Ointment' is heeded once again.

"A Catcher In The Rye"

With the passing of J.D. Salinger, I was again revisited by the haunts of Holden Caulfield, a young man battling the demons of a life headed towards unfulfillment in the classic 1951 novel, "A Catcher In The Rye". I remember reading this book as an undergraduate and the themes of alienation, insecurity and the 'phoniness' which exists and continues to permeate in today's society. Plainly speaking, the betrayal of government, the financial sector and the media to foster and enrich Americans with a semblance of genuine character and sincerity in its dealings with the public, has stirred the hornets nest in a chorus heard around the country. It is ironic that in Massachusetts, where so many years has passed since the Boston Tea Party began the march towards Independence from the tyranny of King George, the election of a Republican on January 12th, has halted the slide towards perdition. Due to the courageous citizens in this Commonwealth, we are now hearing voices of contrived humility and forgiveness from 'phony' politicians eager to manipulate and twist the message of a disgruntled electorate by enveloping its contents as their own. This measure of false integrity is the highlight of a campaign to save their bloated posteriors! While Holden Caulfield, our protagonist, encounters the depths of human frailties in various circumstances, we too are involved in scenes where the control of our lives has become a difficult undertaking. This is the year where the majority of Americans through the suffering of so many injustices have awakened to the refrain of "Throw The Bums Out" whether they be Democrats or Republicans. The continued financial ruin with its deleterious consequences on families, small businesses and the health of our society in general, begs for the end of a chapter in a 'novel' where Americans are unwilling participants.

The health care debate has opened up the true predilections of major players in our government, as incompetence, greed and corruption has become a sideshow of contempt for many caring Americans. In disbelief, we are witnessing vulgar attempts of corruption by those in power with offers of millions in guarantees and favor to those representatives willing to forego their fiduciary duties by accepting bribes to vote for legislation unworthy of passage or debate. Secret negotiations to hide the provisions of legislation where its recommendations of higher taxes, the approval of abortion as 'health care' and the complete takeover of one's ability to choose or to keep their current insurance provider, these factors among others has elevated this discussion to a level in which a majority of Americans are disgusted and reject the arrogant intrusion of government in their ability to make a sound decision in their own right.

"Health Care Dementia"

We have come to know the characters in this God-awful television show where Americans are exhausted with the dementia attributed to a good portion of the representatives we have entrusted to represent our interests. While this melodrama continues unscripted to the detriment of those viewers eager to see its conclusion, many Americans are delighted the termination of this endeavor has either been postponed for the foreseeable future or has been canceled altogether as a result of the activities in Massachusetts. The Emmy for the best and worst performance of humility or of speaking in a manner worthy of a contortionist is still under consideration not by the members of the Academy, but by the American public. Certainly 'Health Care Dementia' has run its course and is not worthy of reruns, but only after a new cast of characters chosen by its concerned viewers. Auditions will take place throughout the year and in November the new cast will be selected and be seated in January of 2011, thanks to the ultimate wisdom and patience of the American people.

I am content to know that I have the ability to pen my views, to 'vent' my frustrations on abuses which need to be exposed. Listening to the pure and angelic voice of Montserrat helps to provide the peace and the comfort in a world where disappointments and frustrations are many. If only Holden could hear the majesty of her performance in 'Lucrezia Borga', life once again would be worth living! 

Your invite to view Montserrat Caballet in 'Lucrezia Borgia'



The Devastation In Haiti

As you have been made aware, an earthquake of 7.0 magnitude struck Haiti on Tuesday, January 12th. As of this writing, over 150,000 of its inhabitants have lost their lives. The devastation is widespread and its destruction is of biblical proportions. We encourage donations of any amount to help those in need of food, shelter and clothing. Our prayers are resolute and we ask the good Lord to help during this time of immense tragedy. Please visit the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) website, for instructions on how you can donate to this worthy humanitarian effort.

Upcoming TeamBlogs In February

We will be discussing our newest Pricing Policy where savings in loan fees will be the ultimate focus in all of our loan originations this coming year.

Our February 'Share The Love' Mortgage Sale will begin on Monday, the 1st. 

There have been many underwriting guideline changes on all loan requests as of January 1st. We hope to provide the information you need in order to be prepared.

"The Governor Has Arrived" is a new feature in which we'll discuss the sustaining will of those seeking to dilute our liberties and freedoms. Offering solutions to end these abuses by gathering the spirit and the 'wisdom of Solomon' is the ultimate reward.

Thanks Again   




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