October 19th, 2022 3:44 PM

Dear Friends,

It seems as though during the past 2 years The American Dream is no longer considered a concept worthy of becoming a reality. The disposition of many Americans nowadays is one of despondency and fear. While inflation has risen the costs of food, gas and other commodities, Americans must now cope with a possible nuclear war on the horizon that will decimate America and the world. There are government officials that are unreserved in exposing circumstances that currently resemble the Cuban Missile Crisis exactly 60 years ago this month. This situation that confronts Americans today, takes precedence over all concerns to elevate one's standing in a community that may never exist in the near future. 

As a youngster, I understood The American Dream to be living in a big house with a white picket fence. The Dream was also composed of a loving family with beautiful children and a dog as a loyal companion. The Father supported the family with a job that payed all the bills without stress. The Mother cared for the children, prepared sumptuous meals, did the laundry and cleaned the house. The residence was located in a great community and the neighbors were very friendly. They were genuine and sincere in their respect for you and the entire family.  

Regrettably, the rise in violent crime, inflation, food and gas prices, open borders, drug overdoses along with the decline of moral values, has created a torment of distrust as one never knows who to believe, in a nation that is riddled with hate and division. Everything from the last sentence is unfortunately documented and is true. Notwithstanding, the Coronavirus pandemic has contributed to the loss of one's rights and the integrity of the medical industry. Teachers are also under scrutiny, for their behavior and the advancement of inappropriate subjects to be discussed and/or taught outside of an 'approved' educational curriculum. So how does one recapture a Dream that has inspired generations of Americans?

First and foremost, Americans must begin to change the overall perception of a blind trust for those elected to higher office, and the entities that have a powerful presence in communities across the country. Do these people truly represent the best interests of Americans, or does the rise in corruption enable despotic ideologies for control of every aspect of one's life as an ultimate goal?

 Law abiding and discerning Americans can see through the chronic and intentional chaos. The Mid term Elections if free, fair and without impediments, can offer the respite from the madness that has engulfed a select group involved in the destruction of America from within. Most importantly however, is the acknowledgement that Our Blessed Lord will offer the encouragement to right the wrongs and guide us on the path to resurrect The American Dream, through our prayers. When America humbles itself, repents and asks for forgiveness, our prayers will be answered. One must believe the American Dream has not become a nightmare, but is on hiatus for a short period of time. Have hope. The American Dream will become a reality, once again.

Thanks again for your continuous support - during these challenging times in America - a nation under siege.

Be unafraid and courageous. God almighty is with you.

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