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The other day I came across Charles Krauthammers' weekly column where he mentioned a magazine blogger was thoroughly agitated by the failure of the American electorates' willingness to embrace the policies of the current administration. This blogger belittled the intelligence of Americans by stating we are 'a nation of dodos' and are just too 'dumb to thrive'. He might have been referencing the demise of 'health care reform' or the hesitant, cautious and patient review of legislation thoroughly scrutinized by open minded and intelligent Americans. Once reviewed in its entirety, most Americans have come to the conclusion the policies currently espoused by this government are surreptitiously designed to curtail one's liberties and freedoms. Whether the attributes and the consequences of additional tax increases, a burgeoning federal deficit, a worthless dollar, dubious attempts at 'health care reform', mounting foreclosures, chronic unemployment, incompetence in safeguarding its citizens from terrorists foreign and domestic and a renewed emphasis where the lives of the unborn are sacrificed for no apparent moral or virtuous reason, Americans are questioning the magnitude of a society where the foundations of its existence is reaching its nadir.

Since the election of a Republican to the Senate in Massachusetts just a few weeks ago, the entire philosophy of those seeking to impose government control over one's life, was soundly rejected. In as much as this is the 3rd major defeat of a Democrat in either a Governorship or a Senatorial seat to be gained by the opposition in a general election, most independent observers would agree attempts by the majority party for reconciliation or bipartisanship would be highly recommended. Unfortunately, the old tired and dispiriting mode of intransigence continues to hamper the public dialogue of contemporary issues as a weary nation seeks comfort from its mounting problems. There is no one to trust, there is no one that cares. Feelings of despair such as this reverberates in a society where integrity amongst our public servants is nowhere to be found. 

The 'Dodo' Recall

As a student in elementary school I was proud to have won the 6th grade spelling bee competition. I was awarded a Merriam-Webster dictionary. It was engraved with my name and I still have it in my possession, almost 45 years later. The vivid illustrations of various objects or animals along side its definition, was a highlight of this splendid book. I remember reviewing its contents and I was enraptured by a wonderful depiction of the 'dodo bird'! 

It's funny how events come full circle. I haven't thought of a 'dodo bird' in over 30 years! In researching the habitat of this harmless and selfless bird, we've come to know the 'dodo' lived on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. The 'dodo' was discovered by Portuguese sailors in 1507 and were made extinct 175 years later by the introduction of domesticated animals, cats, dogs, pigs and monkeys on this small island. The Europeans also killed and ate the birds but did not like the aftertaste as the 'dodo' meat was very tough to digest. The 'dodo' had no natural predators and did not have the ability to fly. All of these factors contributed to the rapid decline of the species. Even today there are no complete skeletal remains and the paintings of these creatures are 'exaggerations' of their normal weight and size.

The complete desecration and the eventual destruction of the 'dodo bird' is a true reminder of Darwin's 'survival of the fittest'. To juxtapose an eco-system of a small island where the 'dodo' thrived centuries before the infiltration of humans, to a modern society such as ours where individual members of a nation fight for survival, this is the profound dichotomy in which Americans seek redemption.

The 'dodo theory' of governance works quickly by disarming the electorate with charming promises of a 'chicken in every pot' only to be hoodwinked by a master plan where control of every aspect of one's life is the ultimate goal. Once the reins of power are handed to the office holders of the majority party, the savvy and swift utilization of its capabilities to influence the media and its business cohorts begins in earnest. The building of such momentum increases to such a level, where in a few short months the horror of invincibility begins to dwell on the conscience of those affected by the arrogant attributes and frailties of those in power. Most importantly however, is the passing of legislation designed to eradicate the ability of the free market system to flourish.

The 'Stimulus Bill' from last year along with the ongoing inept concept of a 'jobless recovery' with trilllion dollar budgets and similar sized deficits are all activities inspired by the 'dodo theory' of governance. A quick, measured and strong approach by government to transform the free market system towards a socialist European model where control of one's sovereignty, has become the fuel for all of its endeavours. In efforts by the current government to transform a nation from a democracy towards an alien concept of European socialism never known to exist in this country, is to unleash the fury of tradition by the silent and now vocal majority.

While the 'dodo bird' fought its extinction by the involvement and devolution of a pristine habitat by European settlers, we are mindful of the irony in which similar circumstances in theory can affect and have given thought to the current situation at hand, here in America. One can easily transpose the developments which created the extinction of the 'dodo' to the transformation of our society where our liberties and freedoms are jeopardized by the newest consortium of government, media and business interests eager to pull their weight in a scheme to control our destinies. If it took less than 2 centuries to eliminate the 'dodo', I can just imagine the amount of time it would take for the decimation of a democratic republic.

While the 'dodo bird' was considered dim witted for its benevolent disposition as there were no natural enemies to fight against, this pure and angelic pattern of existence was destroyed due to the direct and indirect result of the intervention of European settlers. It goes without saying the current crop of politicians in power, might just have the same tendencies.

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