October 6th, 2022 11:11 AM

Dear Friends,

When will there be good news about the economy, our personal financial health and living without chronic crime or violence? When will the evil that has plagued America in less than 2 short years be alleviated or end? When? These are questions that have answers if there are brave, courageous and discerning Americans that have had enough of this torment that has engulfed our lives. There is an escape mechanism to change the direction of this country. The Mid Term Elections on November 8th is a start. What is happening to America has become a nightmare. Peace of mind is no longer possible if nothing changes.

In my humble opinion, the circumstances that have created the catastrophe that is destroying this country need not have happened. Anyone with an ounce of integrity, intelligence or wisdom within their character, fully understands the evil that has created the chaos within our communities. The malevolence and immoral desires of powerful individuals and entities to create a hell on earth have succeeded. However, these purveyors of treachery and corruption will in the end forfeit their power when the hand of Almighty God comes to liberate the downtrodden.

This time in American history has become a chapter of horrors. I am convinced law abiding Americans that love this great nation will seek justice by the prayers offered for redemption. Our Blessed Lord will hear our prayers by the humility of our sincere approach to end the suffering, We are learning the identities of those that hate this country and embrace moral indignities in our midst. This revelation is a requirement for judicious Americans to plan for the resumption of one's Constitutional rights. When the right of free speech is abandoned by powerful forces, censorship becomes the scourge that must be defeated. In our sadness and frustration, never be discouraged, as America will once again rise as the exceptional and shining City Upon A Hill

May God continue to bless America. May God help us all!

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The City Upon A Hill speech by President Elect John F. Kennedy - January 9, 1961

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President Ronald Reagan's Farewell Address To The Nation - January 11, 1989

References the shining City Upon A Hill at 18:45

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Thanks again for your continuous support - during these challenging times in America - a nation under siege,

Be unafraid and courageous. God almighty is with you.

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