May 1st, 2008 8:48 PM

Dear Friends,

On Wednesday after a long day at work, I turned on the television and by happenstance one of my favorite shows was on - The Andy Griffith Show.

Well, I was once again transported to a time and place where warmth, decency, strength of character, integrity and wholesomeness are reflected in the characters and the storylines of this splendid series. Living in such a large metropolis as Los Angeles where daily volatile business transactions are becoming a norm, a welcomed rest from such turbulance was truly a Godsend.

In this episode, "A Man In A Hurry", we meet Mr. Tucker, a big time executive passing through Mayberry when he experiences car trouble. It's a Sunday and most residents are enjoying a peaceful day relaxing. Unfortunately, Mr. Tucker has an important meeting the following day and insists on having his car fixed immediately. Wally, the gas station owner won't help Mr. Tucker as it's his day off and Gomer is not much help either. He then tries to steal Gomer's truck and Sheriff Andy apprehends him and decides that it would be best for Mr. Tucker to stay for dinner.

During this time, our visitor paces back and forth, smokes his cigar incessantly, refuses to have a bite of Aunt Bea's homemade chicken and just becomes a total nuisance to himself. While all of this venting continues, Andy, Barney, Aunt Bea and Opie help prod Mr. Tucker to relax and enjoy the day by giving of themselves.

After dinner on the porch Andy and Barney begin to sing a song of the ages, "The Church In The Wildwood". A most beautiful melody with inspiring phrases of nostalgia and simple reflections, our visitor gradually becomes trasformed by softly singing along. Throughout his stay in Mayberry, our visitor has finally begun the process of reflection. This mindset did not last long as Gomer mentions that Goober is back from a fishing trip and will fix his car momentarily. When Gomer drives the car to the house, Mr. Tucker is eager to leave at first, but decides to stay the night due to the overwhelming goodness, sincerity and generosity of the persons he's met.


Mr. Tucker's actions are similar in several respects to the burdens executives in positions of overwhelming responsibility have in their daily lives. Neglecting family, friends and simple pleasures for the roller coaster of financial markets, devalues one's ability to enjoy life.

In spirit, there are virtues which need to be reenforced. Having patience, respect for others and dwelling in optimism are just few of the reflections of substance which are required to overcome the divisions and acrimony that are common place in US society today.

Among other issues, the financial disturbance catapulted by the 'mortgage meltdown', has created nightmares of anxiety, depression and despair. Many in America are disalusioned by the chronic reality of this situation and are eager to have it all go away. Unfortunately, the collective decisions made by others and ourselves in the past has created current conflicts with or without our understanding or knowledge.

During this time of financial insecurity, we need to become an active participant by directing and maintaining thoughts of hope for a better future and to seek the guidance that patience ultimately affords us. We need to believe it will all work out.

At the very end of his stay in Mayberry, Mr. Tucker finally realizes there are simple events in one's life that add value, sustenance and tender memories.

Now, more than ever, it's time to stop and smell the roses!

P.S. Visit 'The Church In The Wildwood' Also visit the episode just discussed, and click on the 'church' tab and scroll down to the 3rd topic, 'The Church In The Wildwood'.



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