April 16th, 2021 4:38 PM

Dear Friends,

As a humble observer of the human condition, the cruel and vicious treatment of children in this country has become an abomination. The self-inflicted border crisis that began by Executive Orders in January by the Chief Executive, has created a Hell on Earth on the Southern border with Mexico. The previous government administration had a working common sense policy with regards to immigration. All requests to enter this country by asylum seekers were processed in Mexico. This plan was orderly. It prevented the cartels from smuggling and organizing their contemptible activities. Moreover, those seeking to enter the country without the proper credible documentation were denied entry in the US. We now have a catastrophe in which 'open orders' has allowed the abuse of unaccompanied children in their escape from their homeland. These children are sexually abused, raped and have drowned in efforts to swim the Rio Grande River under the harshest and stressful conditions imaginable. Moreover, these children are housed in cages at detention centers and hotels in various states, while a good number are sent across the country with strangers posing as family members. This situation is truly horrific. The mental health of these children will suffer for many years to come due to the graphic circumstances they have encountered by the evil pursuits of those along the way. The loss of a children's innocence is a crime. In an upcoming post, I will detail the effects of this trauma on children. As a Cuban refugee, the mental affliction of what occurred so many years ago, is truly haunting. Why is the American government doing this? The answer to this question is simple to understand.

Another tragedy that has befallen children, are the effects of the Coronavirus. This pandemic has impacted America's children. The lockdowns have curtailed their education and has created a stagnant growth in a youngster's mental health. Living in a world where the environment has implemented unorthodox measures to curtail the virus, has affected children's emotional wellbeing by the incessant control of their lives by its repression. The afflictions of depression, suicide and introversion are just several of the painful emotional consequences that have affected youngsters across the nation.

Abortion. I have always been a 'pro-life' proponent. To save the life of the unborn, is the most profound cause a human being can willingly advance by firmly stating to everyone, that all life is precious and worthy of one's overwhelming love. The spirit of an unborn child lives within the womb and its desecration is inhumane and unbearable to fathom. It saddens me greatly that children are also victims of pedophilia. This disturbing reality has been revealed by legitimate reports throughout the years. Members of the clergy, individuals in the entertainment industry and unbalanced characters in the general public, have ignored universal standards of decency, as the abuse of children is no longer viewed as immoral by the amalgamation of these entities. I do my best to not generalize, as a minority of these entities mentioned have allowed this persecution to proliferate.

The Satanic attacks on America's character continues unabated. I am truly saddened and disturbed from what has occurred. The ongoing negligence of the human condition in this nation continues. The time for prayer will always be required to end the madness. I pray that Our Dear Lord will answer our prayers to end the torment we are witnessing every single day.

Thanks again for your continuous support - during these challenging times in America - a nation under siege.

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