December 9th, 2019 3:54 PM

Dear Friends,

The US economy is booming - as the latest figures released last Friday provide the concrete evidence that a Recession as forecasted by doomsayers, will not transpire any time soon. The 'good news' in the employment figures is a tremendous accomplishment by the current administration by assisting Americans with their financial needs, in providing comfort for their families. This President has promoted economic policies that work. It is troubling to witness leftist entities and individuals continue their obsession, by promoting negative narratives to antagonize and besmirch policies that allow the American Dream to flourish.

Mentioned below, are several employment figures for November 2019

A. 266,000 Jobs of Non Farm Employment

1. The Unemployment Rate is at 3.5% - Matching the Rate from 1969

2. Up to 160 Million US citizens are working

3. The Black Unemployment Rate is now at 5.5%

4. The Hispanic Unemployment Rate is now at 4.2%

5. The Asian Unemployment Rate is now at 2.6%

6. The Unemployment for Women is now at 3.2%

7. Payrolls have increased

The economic figures are truly encouraging! Once the USMCA Trade Treaty is finally ratified, it has been reported that at least 200,000 Americans will be offered employment.

While it's difficult for individuals or organizations that have a disdain for the current government administration to have the humility to offer recognition for success, I remember the quote from former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill,

 " However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results."

 One can infer America's economic direction is on the right path.

Thanks again for your continued support.

Bureau Of Labor Statistics For November 2019

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