January 25th, 2016 8:38 PM

Dear Friends,
This year begins with a realization the same problems that distressed us in 2015 continue to linger in 2016, and its current trajectory can be measured as spiraling out of control. The stock market is an example of the volatile unpredictable nature of events that can have a direct effect on our lives. After all the celebrations and expectations for a New Year full of prayers searching for answers, our memories of past challenges creeps into our consciousness and defeats the optimism we are eager to embrace. During this time in America's history, the unraveling of scrupulous human behavior that allows anguish and suffering as a result of oppression by powerful forces, are finally viewed as a circumstance that must come to an end.
While the vestiges of distrust and deception exists, there are openings in which anger and impatience with the plight of one's personal challenges, are the emotions that can provide the breakthroughs required to live without contrived notions of security and affluence. 
The State of the Union address just the other day, conveyed a view of America unknown by a majority of its inhabitants. Numerous discerning and rational citizens believe there was a deliberate misconception of reality. This speech was promoted to obfuscate the consequences of failures and ineptitude of government policies designed only to exacerbate the difficulties America must confront on a continuous basis.

While the ruin of our society has been programmed by unyielding attempts to 'transform' the origins of a sovereign nation from within, there are signs of exhaustion by a vast majority. This experiment incorporates an extreme political onslaught derived to erode basic human reasoning, or the capacity to invoke common sense in resolving disputes. These circumstances are of great concern. Discontent of vacuous approaches of governance and its termination, are gaining support among all quarters of the American public.
Collectively, our lives are similar and at times disparate in our appreciation of the 'dream' we've enveloped in our lives throughout generations. Unfortunately, the path to fulfill our dreams has been made onerous by foreign philosophies that have infiltrated and undermined the valued concepts of democracy and free markets America has revered since its founding. We've noticed the rise of socialism and crony capitalism as solutions, for those who perceive in entitlement or self-absorption as fodder for emotional development.
While Americans face a future of uncertainty, there are practices that can assist anyone seeking peace of mind in a broken world.
We might not be cognizant of it, but our lives are full of abundance.
 For many persons, abundance is viewed as a multitude of personal possessions, one's net worth, the value of monies on deposit in various accounts or the independence of financial obligations. Whether this is a simple interpretation, the respect and compassion we extend to others are the main elements in which the fundamental aspects of abundance come to fruition.
To begin the healing of divisiveness and the acrimony Americans have undergone by movements that are contrary to an understanding of human decency, awareness of these challenges must be recognized within one's spiritual embodiment. In order to combat a 'transformation' in which abundance is viewed as a curtailment of one's independence by authoritarian forces, there must be a chorus of disenchantment among the oppressed. This reality is becoming apparent, as a great number of Americans have had their fill of superfluous pursuits that do not advance democratic principles.

In order to continue the 'abundance process', the recognition of a divine presence is the catalyst that sparks our aspirations when we
 'ask, and it shall be given to you: seek, and ye shall find: knock, and it shall be opened unto you' as recorded in Scripture, Matthew 7:7.
 A personal relationship with the Almighty through prayer, contributes to an understanding of our shortcomings and the hope to change the direction of our lives and those of others. Abundance can only be disseminated by a deep and genuine inclination to be contrite, when we withdraw from methods or actions that are inconsiderate and self-serving. This behavior is the concept that allows the patterns of mistrust and cynicism to gradually fade. For America to be restored from ideologies developed to cultivate pain, suffering and hatred, we need to be mindful of the powerful forces that manipulate the masses by its ulterior motives. Abundance can only flourish once we fully understand the workings of those that cause us harm. Once a majority of Americans comprehend the destructive aspects of progressive schemes that deteriorate the quality of one's life, a turning point in the correct perception of reality will be achieved.
 That day of reckoning is just around the corner.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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