September 12th, 2019 6:11 PM

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The President has decided to terminate the National Security Advisor due to disagreements in foreign policy. This termination became known to the American people through social media composed by the President. Moreover, the National Security Advisor mentioned that he was not terminated but decided to resign his position. At this juncture in this story, we have a clash of statements and we are now confronted in questioning who is telling the truth.

Many years ago, I remember my experience as a Bank Manager. I believed that terminating an employee would always be considered the most difficult decision I was required to make. The decision I made under these circumstances were not taken lightly, as an employee's immediate future depends on my recommendations and Bank policy guidelines I was required to implement. During this time, I was allowed to review the employee's performance and if it was unsatisfactory, I had the option in recommending a 90 day probation period in order to ascertain if the employee can have a second chance. After the probation period, I had the responsibility to review the strength of the employee's production figures and if there was improvement, a termination would not take place. Through all of these circumstances, I spoke to the employee on a face to face basis, and I never mentioned our discussions to other members of the staff or other personnel. Only my Superior and the Human Resources Department at the Bank were privy to the situation at hand.

To terminate a Bank employee or a Government official are actions that have different methods of accountability, as these entities are not similar in scope. However, one must reveal a decency in the approach of terminating an employee that has contributed in representing an organization in the past. While this person has fallen out of favor, the employer must come to the conclusion that one's termination would be best for all concerned. This includes the fired employee, as lessons for one's termination will be personally understood in due course.

It is my understanding, the National Security Advisor recommended that a meeting with the President at Camp David with the Taliban to help solve the 18 year conflict in Afghanistan, was not a good idea. With the information that has been revealed, it is ironic the Advisor may have been correct in his assertions, as the President abruptly canceled the meeting with the Taliban scheduled for last Sunday, after the terrorist group killed an American soldier in Kabul due to a bomb attack.

While it has been reported the President listens to all points of view on numerous topics, it was apparent the National Security Advisor did not have the respect of the President, and his resignation or termination was the end result. This Advisor is considered to be a 'hawk' in regards to relations with despotic regimes. We are living in a dangerous world and any negotiations with oppressive governments or entities must be pragmatic in nature.

As an Independent 'swing voter', after so many resignations and firings from the White House, one ponders if we are viewing a game show that promotes a revolving door. It is truly unfortunate the verbiage used to terminate this Advisor so the entire nation knows of its contents, is cause for the dissipation of one's reputation and embarrassment. There must be a diplomatic way in 'terminating' an employee that provides a salient viewpoint that is contrary to a President's perspective. I would surmise the Advisor's suggestions, while forceful, are to save America from despotism. This chronic method of elimination of government officials, specifically this National Security Advisor, is becoming exhausting.

It is apparent that a percentage of individuals hired in high echelon positions in government today, have opinions, predilections or personalities that run counter to the policies this President advocates. At a minimum, it would be a logical exercise when anyone is hired to hold a prominent position in government, to review their past experiences and judgements to ascertain their deep beliefs.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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