June 17th, 2019 7:46 AM

Dear Friends,

Summer begins on Friday, June 21st. Here in Los Angeles, many of us have noticed a gradual increase in temperature over the years, and I would suspect Southern California will be broiling until the very end of Summer. If this weather continues as we've experienced as in the past, I can confidently state a meltdown will ensue as chronic heat creates various health problems and a change in temperament for anyone living under these circumstances.

I've been a resident in this city since June 1981. For the past 38 years, I can safely say the overwhelming heat that will be forthcoming, will exacerbate the crisis that has been tormenting Los Angeles. In July, I will add my voice to the many outraged citizens of this city, in highlighting the incompetence of government officials in their inept policies that have created the scourge of homelessness we are witnessing today. Everywhere I turn, there are homeless encampments ravaging all areas of town and this situation continues to augment additional health problems and mental illness even deeper.

Please forgive me, as I digressed in my discussion of the weather. When I have time this Summer, I will drive up the coast and finally find a secluded beach early in the morning, if at all possible, where I can feel a cool breeze surround me. The coolness the wind offers, will lift my spirits and give the energy I need for the day.

With everything that's been happening in Los Angeles, I am eager to escape the disorder and challenges facing its residents. In solitude, I will close my eyes and enjoy my favorite Frank Sinatra tune, 'The Summer Wind'. I'm content to have the strength to rest my mind for awhile and imagine living in an environment that offers the breeze and ultimate peace that I and everyone so desires.

Our prayers will indeed provide the guidance required, to alleviate the pain and suffering of living in distress.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

Frank Sinatra sings 'The Summer Wind'

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