August 28th, 2015 8:26 PM

Dear Friends,
It's true. This Summer continues to have its trials in regards to actions that are contrary to the basic interests of the American people. To 'preserve, protect and defend' the Constitution and all Americans is a responsibility of those we've elected to higher office. We, the American people as their employer, must logically decide if the 'employees' we've 'hired' to represent our interests are either corrupt, incompetent or mentally challenged.
We've been given the chance to evaluate a relationship with government that has created much anxiety and distress. When trust has been abandoned, there is no other alternative but to voice our concerns and do the right thing by voting those in power that have created our demise, out of office. Unfortunately, our collective decisions have consequences due to time constraints. At the present time, we have until November of next year to decide how to end the madness of deception and delusion, by our oversight in allowing malcontents the power to control our lives.
Notwithstanding, we must never be discouraged as we can do our part to profoundly recognize that our lives have value by the respect and dignity we give others. Our willingness to reject the unethical actions of those we've elevated to represent us, is the power we have to change course. The ability to come to terms with the grievous errors that has jeopardized our children's future, is the direct result of the suffering and sacrifice we as Americans have been tormented to live out, the past 8 years of our lives.

In every election, those that appreciate the importance of democratic concepts, will become acquainted with the qualifications of candidates running for office and the issues facing their communities. We must do our best to choose individuals that have the character, integrity and trustworthiness to delegate power fairly and resolve various challenges without scandal. Unfortunately, Americans have become cynical in their approach to those in authority, in large part due to the abrogation of trust in government. Many Americans have grown weary of elites conjuring solutions of 'transformation' that was never required nor accepted as a prescription for the difficulties we face as a nation. This tinkering has placed America in a virtual 'suspended animation', where problems are never solved but made much worse. This can only be construed as a doctrine where disdain of the American people's concerns are intentionally ignored. The consequences of chaos and tyranny are the byproducts which gives rise to acquiescence of power by its citizens.
The inevitable blueprint for such a plan can be found and discussed at any 'progressive' university where faculty members have acquired an idiosyncratic belief to resurrect old and scurrilous ideologies designed to destroy the human spirit. Government, media and big business are accustomed to such portrayals in which the truth is rarely revealed. The mendacious world of this triumvirate never ceases its contempt for the rule of law. So far this Summer, many of us have become reacquainted by the genuine sincerity of those that love this country, while acquiring the wisdom to recognize the attempts of those that do not.
For years I've written about the state of America and its unraveling. Many business owners have been harmed by the continuous efforts of those in power to dismantle the free enterprise system, by devising Draconian controls of regulation in all business transactions. This is just one of the numerous examples that has methodically generated the loss of our independence and the freedoms we treasure as citizens. However this Summer, we have political prognosticators and the media, unable to comprehend the rise in respect of presidential candidates that have never held public office. There is a growing personal and profound belief by the American people, this country has been deluged by those seeking to eliminate our sovereignty by any means necessary. The current office holders in any jurisdiction are being examined for their authenticity to uphold the rule of law and the tenets of the Constitution.

While in Scripture (James 1:19), Jesus had discerning words of advice by saying,
'know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger.'
The Lord's advice is prophetic, as America waits its turn to end perdition by its forthcoming actions at the ballot box, once and for all.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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