December 8th, 2021 3:36 PM

Dear Friends,

The Holiday Season is now upon us. This year will always be remembered for everything that has gone wrong in America. The evil that has plagued this nation has caused great harm emotionally, financially and spiritually, as the lives of discerning God fearing individuals has been turned upside down. On a personal level, I could never have imagined the oppression that has transpired in a nation that once respected the sovereignty and freedoms of its citizens. While these conclusions are true, the chronic stress that has engulfed law abiding Americans has caused great pain and suffering. To help overcome the daily attacks of mental disorders from powerful persons and entities in America, I have decided to maintain my equilibrium by escaping an environment full of vacuous mental decadence within the population. In essence, I will become 'the little drummer boy', humbled by the presence of the Nativity on Christmas day and giving what I can to assist America in my passionate devotion for the Resurrection of liberty and freedom. How can I as a concerned citizen, contribute any talents or gifts that I have acquired by the grace of an Almighty God, to help end the hatred, division and evil that has traumatized Americans of all demographic attributes? I'm confident the next several posts will provide the inspiration to raise one's level of consciousness that is required to live in peace - through the awesome power of prayer. 

Thanks again for your continuous support - during threse challenging times in America - a nation under siege.

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