March 19th, 2021 4:50 PM

Dear Friends,

Of the four Seasons of the year, I would say Spring that commences this coming Saturday, is the favorite of anyone that lives in a geographical location where cold inclement weather has a predominant presence. I have family and friends that live in the Midwest. The Winters during the past several years I've been told, have been moderate. Freezing temperatures and falling snow in the area has decreased in magnitude, when compared to years past. While Winter is a Season that has demurred somewhat from its impact, hibernation of living things and the absence of sunny days continues to prevail. Spring therefore, is a magnificent time to view the flowers bloom, birds are heard chirping enthusiastically and the entire surroundings throughout the landscape where one lives, offers a pristine environment that recharges the human soul.

By happenstance I was in a nostalgic mood the other day and decided to view a film that premiered in 1957. The film - Peyton Place - is a well known drama in which scandal of various levels torment a small town in New England. I have viewed this film on and off over the years. The musical score is moving and the cast of characters live in an idyllic environment except for several of the townsfolk in which their lives are tragically entwined with several inhabitants. Nonetheless, the opening scenes of the film are narrated by Allison MacKenzie, the young protagonist the audience becomes to know. She directs our attention by expressing her sincere views of Peyton Place. "Where I was born, time was told not by the clock or the calendar, but by the Seasons. Spring was promise. But there was a 5th Season of love, and only the wise and lucky ones knew where to find it."

Of all the times in my life, I earnestly advise that all Americans rediscover a 5th Season -  where we begin to love again - by ending the forces of evil that have conquered this nation within its culture and communities. One can only hope decency and civility can be restored, from the chronic distress that many of its citizens have endured for much too long. Oppression by censorship - governance of all aspects of human life by one party rule - and sly advocates in favor of the destruction of liberties and freedoms espoused in the Constitution - must be defeated. Concurrently, when religious liberty and the 'God We Trust' is abandoned, love ceases to exist. We must be reminded that God is love.

This Spring can be the turning of 'promise'. It's ironic that a beloved fictional character from a 64 year old motion picture possesses the wisdom America requires - to live in peace.

Thanks again for your continuous support - during these challenging times in America - a nation under siege.

Peyton Place

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