April 26th, 2014 3:33 PM

Dear Friends,

The time has come to start cleaning the house from top to bottom, and gathering items that have collected dust for donation to charity or for disposal.

This year I am donating many of my dress shirts and slacks, as I no longer am able to wear them comfortably as I've lost around 15 pounds since October of last year. I'm very proud of this achievement!

Losing weight is considered by many as well as myself, one of the most difficult challenges anyone that has this affliction can go through. I've been carrying extra baggage for most of my life and I've made it my goal to lose up to 25 pounds by the end of December. I try my best not to indulge during the evening hours before retiring and I've incorporated discipline in my abilities to overcome this behavior. I also began walking on a regular basis and I've noticed all kinds of things in my neighborhood that I never knew existed! While this regimen has been attempted many times in the past, so many that I've lost count, I've decided to throw in the towel for better health.

There are friends and acquaintances that I meet occasionally and I've received comments on my physical appearance. They've also noticed an influx of grey hair! While this is no surprise to me, many of us that are aware of our surroundings have grown older by 10 years, from all the ill effects of a nation unraveling before our very eyes. Nonetheless, it's wonderful to be complimented when you  least expect it!

While this updated approach is a 'work in progress', I am coming to terms with recent demands by external forces, that have hindered progress in my personal development. While spring cleaning can be attributed as a yearly ritual of domestic buffing of surfaces throughout the home, the inherent desire for peace of mind is a logical progression for healing from frustration, impatience or anxiety. I am excited at the prospect of renewal!

The end of detrimental behavior patterns will in time, reenforce one's delight to live in a manner devoid of unnecessary quarrels, conflicts or misunderstandings. It's always a revelation to rediscover a part of one's personality that was once lost or abandoned, only to be reacquainted with an opportunity for joy! This Spring, Hope Springs Eternal!

While viewing the world through rose colored glasses is a prescription for disaster, one needs to grasp the serious and all encompassing aspects of dangerous circumstances of our own making. The actions of those in government, with miscreants as supporters, are destroying the security and sovereignty of this nation by attempts to decimate our armed forces and the manipulation of financial concerns, by enacting laws that force dependence on a bureaucracy, known for incompetence and contempt for its own citizens.

America has vexing problems. The resistance to offer common sense solutions, has only deepened the despair. There are approximately 92 million Americans that are no longer in the work force. There are over 50 million on food stamps. The health care system has become a nightmare. Immigration reform as conceived by powerful interests, is to open our borders and invite the entire world to live in a nation, where the wages of hard working Americans are taxed or forfeited to offer comfort for the newly undocumented. The redistribution of wealth is viewed as a solution for income inequality, underestimating the value of a free enterprise system that offers the opportunity to succeed. Hard work, commitment and perseverance to better one's lot in life, is the handiwork of capitalism. To hear otherwise is absurd and a specious argument.

I can continue a lengthy discourse in regards to breaches of privacy, curtailment of 2nd Amendment rights or encroachment of religious liberties, but any intelligent, sane and discerning individual that has the ability to reason, fully understands the manifestation and the consequences of a society on the edge of a massive breakdown. Consequently, with a $17 Trillion Dollar debt that grows exponentially, one does not need to be a clairvoyant or own a crystal ball to see the future of the financial markets imploding. Sadly, this entire scenario has been implemented in order to destabilize this country. The vision of those in power and in higher office is to transform, control and eradicate democratic principles in order to nullify the Constitution and our way of life. The belief that America is a force for evil in the world, is a theory that has been exposed by those in higher echelons of government and by sycophants eager to do the bidding of these malcontents.

Spring cleaning can also be viewed as 'a call to arms' to rid America of those in Congress that believe in such a philosophy of appeasement and division. The upcoming primaries and the Congressional elections in November, will give 'true Americans' the opportunity to clean the halls of Congress from voices that have discordant and misleading messages that can only lead towards perdition.

Spring cleaning is also a concept that offers several avenues in which we can redeem ourselves. Giving to charity, emotional renewal and the restoration of democratic principles, demonstrates the belief that our lives have value and purpose. Perhaps, our renewed sense of conviction by our actions, will offer us the voice and the power to end the pain, suffering and injustice we have known, for far too long.

Thanks Again

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