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Dear Friends,

For the past several years, I've mentioned books that I would read to pass the time so that I can enjoy the various adventures within its chapters. Reading is just one method to escape the stress, pressure and doldrums of an environment that surrounds my presence. I can surmise that I would need to live a monastic life to overcome the evil that permeates throughout one's daily surroundings. However, the awesome power devoted to prayer is a deliverance that sustains my ability to prosper under disheartening circumstances. I am of the humble opinion that one must have the forbearance to review the past for errors in judgement, live the present with an understanding of one's arrival through circumspection and approach the future with an optimism and a resolve as a reward. We have all gone through personal devastations that have tormented our lives, and we've also celebrated a reemergence from the abyss by living abundantly on a spiritual level. There are many individuals that have reviewed their lives and do not harbor regrets for previous actions. Unfortunately, at this stage of my life, the path in never regretting the frailties of my existence has led towards bouts of intermittent despondency, though rare in occurrence. Nevertheless, with God's speed, the patience and endurance that I have secured through this life, will provide the transformation required by not looking back and moving forward in all endeavors. This is the week that has been predetermined by the Almighty to guide my steps, as my prayers and those of my family and friends, have been answered. In an upcoming post, I will reveal the circumstances of the mysterious works and experiences that have shown favor through hope, faith and perseverance.

While I may have digressed, there are 3 soft cover books that I will read this long, hot Summer - chosen for my desire to continue my elevation of spiritual consciousness.

Prayer - Our Deepest Longing

This book is a quick read as it has 69 pages of text that can be read in one sitting. The author is Ronald Rolheiser, a Roman Catholic priest with the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate. The book was highly recommended by Father Marty at St. Monica's Church in Santa Monica. All of us at the daily noon service were given the book several weeks ago. I've always known that prayer is considered a most humble conversation we can have with Our Lord. Prayer can lift our spirits, assist us in offering the guidance we need when contemplating on a decision to be made and offers the ability to reflect on current challenges that must be conquered in order to secure 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness'.

Resisting Happiness

This book is written by Matthew Kelly. I have read several of his books and he has become one of my favorite spiritual authors. I am eager to have Matthew's advice, as he uncovers the unfortunate circumstances that allows us to 'sabotage our own happiness' due to overwhelming, overbearing stress in the world we live in today. He mentions there is a 'resistance that stands between you and happiness'. On a personal level, I've encountered these demons that have usurped my natural optimism I have embraced throughout my life. All of us have been through a calamitous journey where there was no one to turn for help or a 'shoulder to cry on'. The book also explores our actions in regards to procrastination, 'the loss of courage to be yourself' and ignoring the dreams we have nurtured for many years. This Summer, I am looking forward to end all impediments that have taken hold on my path towards Enlightenment!

Everybody Needs To Forgive Somebody

This book is by author Allen R. Hunt and is highly recommended by Matthew Kelly. I have a high regard for his counsel as previously mentioned. It is my understanding this book revolves around true stories of 'real people who discovered the life-changing power of grace'. In America today, many of its citizens are subjected to an incessant degree of hatred that has created a disturbing menace in how we express ourselves to others. It seems the 'politicization' of every aspect of our daily lives has increased in ferocity, as a 'double standard' has inflicted natural civility and norms of respectable behavior in this country. For me, I will always strive to live life without grudges and forgive those in my presence that have taken advantage of my good graces. Consequently, I'm deeply saddened by my inability to forget the scourge of maltreatment, as I am not eager to revisit the circumstances again, by any means. I can confidently say that lessons are learned and one's discernment in wisdom will lead to forgiveness.

All 3 books are written by Roman Catholics. As a follower of Jesus, I am eager to welcome this Summer reading in my life, where I can truly strategize on how to fulfill my aspirations - in living life to its fullest! 

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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