September 4th, 2019 1:25 PM

Dear Friends,

I had some misgivings in writing this post. During this past week, tragedies, the advent of evil in various news accounts and the sadness I've encountered was upon me, as I attended a funeral Mass for a dear friend I've known for many years. I surmise these inner and outer events in my life and those of others, does have an influence on how we interact in various circumstances. I can only say my faith helps me to recognize that Our Lord hears our prayers, and assists us in overcoming the despair that we feel when these circumstances are prevalent.

It was awhile back, in February of 2016 in which I wrote about enforcing my desire to engage in SMILE THERAPY. At the time I had a strong belief that I could conquer any demons that were present in my environment that created any presence of despondency in my interactions with my family, friends or acquaintances.

As of today, I can safely say the SMILE THERAPY that I have adopted to alleviate the distractions and depression in Los Angeles, does indeed work! Just the other day I was at Canter's Restaurant located on Fairfax Ave in Los Angeles. As I was waiting in line to pay my bill, a woman ahead of me in line looked at me and mentioned that I had a 'beautiful smile' and my face provided her a 'calming' effect. I was thrilled to hear a description of my presence - this reaction has been a welcoming observation by a healthy number of individuals in my travels throughout Los Angeles County. Sometime ago, I also remember a Pastor mentioning that I have a 'beautiful' smile after celebrating Mass, as he was substituting for our regular Pastor for several days at our Parish. I can recall other occasions where my SMILE is reciprocated instantly, once facial recognition is made.

I am writing about this, as I've registered various posts that are frankly depressing and discouraging. The overwhelming problems faced by those in Los Angeles, California, America and the world is truly devastating, as I and many of us need an outlet to remind ourselves that life is truly worth living. While SMILE THERAPY may be considered a childish attempt at manipulation, I view this differently as a simple SMILE provides a wonderful feeling of togetherness that we need in order to prolong our lives towards a sense of optimism, if we are struggling emotionally on any given day.

I've written about the mental afflictions that many Americans suffer from. The chronic displays of ignorance, ineptitude and vulgarity that has risen exponentially in today's American culture, has become a testament of one's delight or incoherence of what constitutes basic values of human dignity. My attempt to dislodge the mental disorders of those in politics, as the proselytizing of leftist ideology in media, higher learning and their misguided followers, is a challenge worthy of Divine Intervention.

We do live in a dangerous world. To enable one's peace of mind in a world such as this, SMILE THERAPY is a simple approach that can energize our surroundings so that finally, common sense will be embraced by everyone. It's a tall order by any means, but I'm of the humble opinion, that our prayers will overcome this stagnant belief that our duress, does not allow our lives to be worth living.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

Smile Therapy - 2/7/2016!

Smile Therapy - 3/15/2008

Canters Restaurant

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