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Dear Friends,

Before I begin my remarks, I want to offer my deepest gratitude for the response the TeamBlog received in August. Last month's figures were beyond expectations! Since the blog began 7 years ago, I could not have imagined that viewers from all over the world would have an avid interest in my opinions. It is heartwarming to have others agree that life is still worth living, even though the trials we face can truly be overwhelming. I do appreciate your continued participation in the time we still have together, by offering solace and direction through education and by always telling the truth.

Safe From All Distress?
It has been almost 1 month since our last post entry, and many of us have recognized the cruel and glaring circumstances of a perditious component compelled to destroy all sources of civility in a modern world. The beheadings of Western journalists by a radical fringe group in the Middle East, and its broadcast throughout media outlets for the entire world to see, is an occurrence disturbing to witness. Simply put, this is just another reminder that deep ingrained hatreds nurtured through generations, have greater importance than the will to end hostilities by peaceful endeavors. The hatred and violence which permeates from the thought patterns of those involved in such atrocities, are direct manifestations of personalities suffering from permutations of evil in their lives. By circumstance or by instruction, the inability to embrace the concepts of living in harmony with others and respecting alternative views in a deliberative manner, are elements of conduct in need of examination.
It is sad and unfortunate the pain and suffering of those that live in this region of the world continues unabated. Many of us pray daily that peace and tranquility can prosper in abundance.
Our thoughts and prayers are directed to the family and friends that have lost their loved ones, under such terror filled conditions.

While there are areas around the world in need of our prayers to end hostilities, I also view the concerns of Americans in their plight to end the fortunes of powerful interests masquerading as benign benefactors.
Throughout the years, I've mentioned powerful forces that have made clandestine arrangements in efforts to transform this country towards a system of governance, unknown to have ever existed in American history. The abilities to mold an association counter to the wishes of its citizens by the collusion of powerful interests, has had a sobering and unforgiving effect on everyone. A rational mind does not need vacuous speeches from corrupt politicians nor inept journalistic practices devoid of truth nor crony capitalism to insure profits for entities on the take, only to be reenforced by a wink or a nod.
There is a growing presumption that our freedoms are under attack by our own government and its accomplices. Immigration laws enacted for our security are neglected as our Southern borders are no longer protected. Such actions have allowed thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens to cross the border, bringing communicable diseases which by all accounts, has infiltrated our own population. As of now, the enterovirus has plagued a growing number of states. There are valid suspicions the origins of this infection are attributed to the migrants from the nations in which they lived. The number of children susceptible to the virus has increased, while youngsters specifically with asthma afflictions has had a pronounced deleterious effect on their health.
The master plan by the federal government to change the demographics of states across the country is in full force. By any means necessary, the transportation of these migrants from their point of entry, scattered in different locales across the country will inevitably force the hand of Americans. There will come a time when the efforts to destroy the sovereignty of its own citizens, will be viewed as a deliberate strategy leading to civil unrest. While there may not be a 'strategy' by this government to confront evil in the Middle East, the 'strategy' to harm the lives of law abiding and peaceful inhabitants of a democratic nation, has been revealed.

The danger continues as the ebola virus has attacked thousands in Africa. America is sending 3000 troops to Liberia to help alleviate the trauma of those suffering this outbreak, by assisting medical personnel towards ending the spread of the virus. The troops are scheduled to build accommodations for those that are diagnosed and will advise health care workers. It is my understanding that ebola is a rare and deadly disease that begins with flu-like symptoms and its damage may lead to internal bleeding. While this effort to stop the epidemic is comprehensible, one must take into account the dangerous aspects of its transmittal. If the virus mutates and becomes airborne, the potential effects are disastrous. While Americans are advised by their government that ebola does not have the capability of entering this country, I tend to trust my own instincts. The departures and arrivals of thousands of our troops and others on this mission to Africa, poses an uncalculated risk. Notwithstanding, we must take into account the possibility the ebola virus makes an entrance within the US by unforseen circumstances.
It is agreed the deployment of these forces is a humanitarian effort and its mission is commendable. One must come to terms that a government's approach to assist others in need, must never include motives of a political nature that intrude on its veracity. As an example, the immigration problems on America's open borders are allowed to continue, even today. The refusal by government authorities to end the influx of illegal aliens into the country, and by defining the circumstances as humanitarian in scope, this affirmation is a rationale from a bureaucracy devoid of common sense. To allow the crossings to continue, such actions can only be seen as an ulterior motive to interrupt the constituencies of congressional districts, by gerrymandering demographics.

This Summer, we have witnessed a variety of situations which has exacerbated various attempts that one might have for the capacity to live in a tranquil environment. After so many scandals in government that has directly affected the population, whether it be on a federal, state or local level, one can come to the conclusion that we are living among grifters with a self absorbed interpretation of democratic principles. This disorder, to distort the basic assumptions in which freedom is exercised from coercion or constraint, one must have a deep distrust and an abhorrence of Judeo-Christian concepts of behavior. A culture which enables the complete disregard of an Almighty God as the profound basis of its existence in a nation with an abundance of blessings, one can only ask for forgiveness before our entire lives no longer have substance or significance.
Truly, to be safe from all distress, is a prayer that offers comfort for those that have attained the wisdom to live one's life in peace.

Thanks Again

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