October 30th, 2013 8:45 PM

Dear Friends,

Several years ago I expressed my concerns regarding the frenzy in Congress by its approval of Health Care Reform legislation and the consequences Americans would face once signed into law. The Speaker of the House at the time perplexed the masses by saying. 'But we have to pass the (health care) bill, so that you can find out what is in it.' Certainly this is a quote that offers a pure example of incompetence or a clandestine plan to unravel the health care system intentionally. As of this month, my suspicions and those of discerning Americans were dramatically vindicated as the health care system is imploding before our very eyes. 

Americans were promised repeatedly that on all health insurance plans you could keep your current health plan, your present Doctor and premiums would decrease substantially per policy. None of this was true. The head of this Government along with other bureaucrats and party supporters were fully aware of this and the long lasting effects once the Affordable Care Act was implemented. Many of us however, knew from the very beginning the dishonest attempts to end the marketplace for private health insurance. While this catastrophe plays out, the cancellation of insurance policies in the millions will ultimately lead to a single payer health care system as the only solution. The destruction of the health care industry in America has begun.

After spending $634 Million and 3 years in the making, the inoperable health care website may have been sabotaged to hide the rise in policy premiums. You must understand the shrewd and calculating intentions of those in power. All of us do not like to be lied to. This is no way to govern. 

Scandals as explosive as health care have seen the light of day. Surveillance by the NSA on Americans alongside the abuse of conservative groups by the IRS, are blatant attempts to curtail our civil liberties. Unfortunately, the desire to 'transform' this republic towards a nation under a 24 hour watch, where our prvacy is jeopardized - such actions by powerful interests continues its assault.

There is no one in this government that I would place my confidence in and my feelings have not changed for some time. It's sad but true. The Supreme Court surprised everyone by its support of the Affordable Care Act last year. By stating the purchase of health insurance was a requirement due to the logic of a government imposed tax, the Act was deemed constitutional. Through the active participation of the Chief Justice at the last minute and with all the revelations since its passage, inquiring minds can ascertain how and why this legislation became law.

Americans as a whole need to wake up to a disturbing philosophy that our lives no longer have value by those we've elected to higher office. Corruption, greed and the mental disorders of those in power are prevalent throughout our government, media and in business. The unethical actions of those seeking to undermine the values of past generations must end. It's time to 'throw the bums out' as both parties are to blame for the fiasco many of us are now subjected to. It's a sobering thought that one's peace of mind is a concept not known in today's America.

Thanks Again

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