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Dear Friends,

Oh, so many years ago when I was a child growing up in Detroit, I remember watching a television show by the name of Romper Room. This children's show was as popular as Sesame Street is today.

Miss Sally or Miss Frances, I seem to be a bit befuddled by the characters on the show, would help the children sing one of my favorite songs, 'The Do-Bee Song'. It goes like this:

I always do what's right,

I never do anything wrong,

I'm a Romper Room do-bee,

A do-bee all day long!

For awhile I would love to sign the song at all hours as it had a catchy tune! The nuns at the boarding school where I lived, joined in my fascination by singing along too! I knew in my heart I was a good bee!!!

I also had other recollections of a 'magic mirror' where Miss Sally would be able to 'see' other children on the show or hiding in 'tv-land' but unfortunately she was unable to find me. Nonetheless, the show displayed children playing games, while other segments showed boys and girls playing in a sandbox or attending 'Ding Dong' school. There were toys galore to play with and a chance to make believe that one's anxieties at such a tender age could be alleviated with all of this innocent activity.

Well, we now spring forward 46 years to 2009 where I am much older and in my estimation, humbly wiser. I still consider myself having 'good bee' attributes, even though life has its torments, sufferings and disappointments. However, I'm grateful for the occasional epiphanies and pleasant surprises which has developed a deep and profound love for my wonderful family, friends and for just being alive!

The remembrances of those children on the show and my personal experiences so many years ago, has brought back memories to a time and place where one could frolic aimlessly without burdens.

There is a natural progression for many of us as we age. It is hoped many of us will learn valuable lessons from previous mistakes by understanding our limitations and becoming mature adults possessing substance and character from the sacrifices we make for our loved ones. However, the behavior inherent in one's childhood and the psychological makeup borne of such early upbringing of those representing our interests in Washington, has created a climate of neglect and self-interest devoid of compassion or coherent logic which is decimating the country at large.


The Cover Up Game

This game is very popular in Washington. It has rarely been played successfully as several Presidents and numerous members of Congress have been disgraced once the cover up was discovered. Our 37th President as you see here, on his last day in office, resigned after the truth was finally revealed.

Our 42nd President was involved romantically with a White House intern unbeknownst to his spouse or the country. Such infidelity led to Impeachment hearings and a disgraced Presidency. 

We now have the specter of Washington lawmakers reverting back to childish ways by screaming at the top of their lungs to garner attention in their attempts to cover up their incompetence in regards to the AIG - American International Group bail outs.

We have our new President, the Treasury Secretary, Senators and Congressional lawmakers feigning dismay and shock at the revelation that AIG employees will be awarded bonuses totaling over $165 Million. These bonuses were agreed upon per bonafide legal contracts by both the Obama Administration and AIG.

In researching the facts for this blog, it is my understanding the President and others in the Congressional Democratic leadership were given hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds from the coffers of AIG. Any attempts at impartiality, concern or outrage are circumspect as the almighty dollar continues to dominate the excesses of behavior in all motivations of our lawmakers.

We are also aware these 'adult children' hired the current CEO of AIG, Mr. Edward Liddy for the grand total of a $1 salary to solve the complex and unraveling mess created by the greed, corruption and incompetence of its previous management.

We need to be reminded this behavior continues to be prevalent throughout the halls of Congress. The dismantling of proficient underwriting lending guidelines and practices by Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac several years ago has created the sub prime mess and the financial debacle we are suffering today. If Congress did not insist on lowering these standards for borrowers clearly unable to purchase real estate, we would not be in this mess. 

Americans should be grateful for the courage and aplomb displayed by Mr. Liddy in testimony during Congressional hearings last week. The 'show and tell' line of questioning and the tone in which our Congressional lawmakers insist on abrogating contracts by denying the bonuses which were approved by others in the 'sandbox' we call Capitol Hill, was truly an exercise in petulance and a show of disrespect towards the man selected to help solve the problems ultimately created by those seeking vengeance.

The verbiage in the documents which offered bail out monies to AIG by the government, gave assurances the bonuses would be paid as written. As taxpayers, this agreement was not well received by the American public. In their haste to show redemption, our lawmakers, deeply jealous that others in the public sector have more money or toys to play with, coupled with the clamor of disgust by the electorate in which Congress allowed the bonuses to be awarded, the House agreed to pass legislation revoking the bonuses by taxing 90% of the awards given. The Oscar worthy performances of our 'adult children' in demanding the names of those employees scheduled to receive the bonuses and the newest scheme to retroactively tear up contracts of financial institutions across the country in order to control the salaries of private institutions in the marketplace, is a play for power which denotes a plan to destroy the free market system. Government intervention in the private sector in this manner is an affront to capitalism and is a destructive, over reaching mechanism to force the will of 'children' over hard working and law abiding, decent American adults.

The passage of a 90% tax is just one example of the consequence of deception and lies of House members with the encouragement of the administration, in efforts to cover up for mistakes or laziness in reviewing legislation so inept as not one member of Congress read its contents of the 'stimulus' and the 'bail outs' of AIG and other financial concerns before passage.

We are also weary of witnessing the steady favorite pastime of our older 'adolescent' members of Congress and their cohorts in appearances before additional 'talking heads' on the Sunday talk show circuit. The 'approved script' agreed upon before conversing with the moderator or the chosen participants on these talk shows, has no value nor integrity as such utterances are narcissistic in nature and are attempts by chosen lawmakers in their appearances, to over compensate and garner approval before millions of viewers, thereby revealing symptoms of a traumatized childhood.

Now is the time for those involved in childish pursuits to have the strength of character to grow up and become accountable, leave the office by resignation or to have the adult American electorate vote these 'children' out of office in 2010 as 'discipline' to end the damage.

While this may be a toungue-in-cheek column voicing displeasure with the powerful, I remember at one time the level playing field of 'children' enjoying life without thoughts of harm and abuse of others. Now more than ever we need for our lawmakers to begin the chant of the 'Do-Bees' and embrace a direction that highlights renewal. A miracle may just come to pass once 'discipline' is resurrected as the only way to end the dissolution of a great nation we have loved since birth.

Thanks Again     

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