June 8th, 2013 3:02 PM

Dear Friends,

Several weeks ago I was looking through several online retailers searching for new eyeglasses, as I need to have my current ones replaced. I viewed over 100 styles from well known manufacturers. I finally made my decision and was able to purchase a pair and the retailer promised delivery within a few weeks. Ever since my purchase and everytime I surf the web, my computer is inundated with advertisements of at least a half dozen eyeglass frames that I previously viewed. The ads for eyeglass frames continue to this day! The same experience happened again when I purchased return address labels for our business. I now consider myself a member of a captive audience as I am viewing eyeglass frames and address labels floating on both sides of my laptop! 

If you are on your computer daily, you may have noticed this phenomenon. In my mind I believed this was a nifty introduction of a harmless repetitive concept of customer service. Unfortunately, now that Americans have been made aware of government surveillance efforts to surreptitiously view everything that you've ever encountered on the web, I'm at a loss for words!

I do my best to live a righteous and integrity driven life. I have few vices but my food consumption at local diners and fancy restaurants has betrayed my desire in maintaining a healthy weight regimen. I rarely drink and if I do, I might have a glass of wine or a Cuba Libre on occasion. I never do drugs and I have a serene social life. I'm not a hermit by any means but I enjoy the solitude and peace my home as a sanctuary provides. I enjoy traveling when I can and if you read last week's TeamBlog, I subscribe to my adaptation of the SRT - Stress Reduction Therapy.

Now that I have offered several accounts of my private life, will the government disseminate this information in such a manner that I will be categorized as an individual capable of harm to others in the future?

It is my understanding from reading the news today, Americans have been monitored by the government in their collection of data from telephone calls and the internet. While the explanation for this is due for our protection or national security, one wonders where will this secretive activity lead to?  What is the purpose for government spying on its own citizens? If the security of the United States is at risk, it would be best to end the debate for immigration reforms in Congress until such time our borders are secured. If necessary, armed troops must be positioned strategically in these areas. Major airports must be on standby. Americans have been prevented or excluded from having an intelligent discussion in regards to privacy and security matters. Review and oversight by independent citizens is required, as the trust many have had in government has vanished.  

With the IRS playing favorites, the wiretapping of AP reporters phone calls, the perusal of Verizon customers and the collection of data on all internet users along with other scandals, the government is out of control! You need not have acquired the intelligence or the skills of a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon to know instinctively that our rights and our civil liberties are in jeopardy.

What happens next? What does an American citizen do? Where do we go or to whom do we file our grievances with? Frankly, this current situation is dangerous and demoralizing. In order to resurrect the rights and values of a democracy, one needs to be proactive. Contact your elected representatives in government, educate or remind your family and friends of the rights and values we are forfeiting if our views are not heard. The rule of law as written in the Constitution must be upheld. Voice your righteous indignation to everyone!

The profound spirit of discernment offers me the comfort and the wisdom I seek. If you have been a regular reader of the TeamBlog, I have had concerns for years in regards to the authenticity of the promises and goals of those in power. One must not be discouraged as the truth behind the scenes is beginning to resonate amongst all Americans of diverse political persuasions. Before this chapter in American history is written, one must be prepared for additional revelations where trust in government, business and media will sadden and provoke. Hope does spring eternal as the truth will be known, our freedoms will be restored and above all else, place your trust in the Lord.

Thanks Again

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