September 5th, 2016 1:40 PM

Dear Friends,
If you were able to read the last post of the TeamBlog, I mentioned Scripture passages that offered profound advice when the truth is considered difficult to ascertain. While this situation is a detriment, attempts to mislead or obfuscate the truth will eventually be revealed at the appointed time by divine providence. During the past week, Americans have become privy to a prolonged and sustained volume of undisclosed government documentation that purports to show the former Secretary of State does not have the competence to carry out her duties, and has succumbed towards bouts of temerity in defending or safeguarding the interests of this nation.
To begin with, the Democratic standard bearer misled the American people by not disclosing additional emails from a private server at her residence. Moreover, email communications of the attack on the Benghazi embassy in September of 2012 were discovered by government authorities. Notwithstanding, the interview with the FBI during the first week of July, divulged disturbing admissions in which logic and common sense was rarely displayed in administering the daily operations of the State Department. There is also the appearance of an inappropriate relationship with a 'charitable' Foundation created by the 42nd US President in which 'influence peddling' or 'pay for play' was a method to enrich the incomes of her husband and the former Secretary herself.
When you are interviewed by a powerful entity as the FBI and state 39 times in your answers that you 'do not recall' due to a health malady and divulge the inability to understand basic nomenclature of protocol or delivery of communications to others, the confidence that I have in trusting this person as President, is non existent.
Frankly, this judgement is clearly a very simple one. The same conclusion will eventually be understood and agreed upon by the American people. Integrity driven individuals will always respect the rule of law equally for all members of society, while jurisprudence that employs 'double standards' must never be allowed as a reward for a perceived elite status of wealth or powerful influence.

We, as the adult electorate of this country are the employers. Everyone that seeks to place an application to be in public service today, would certainly like to be elected. In order for us to approve anyone seeking a position for 2, 4 or 6 years, we must perform our duty and responsibility to review the qualifications, references or testimonials from their peers, one's health and the views of the particular candidate seeking our vote. If there is a major challenge after a lengthy and intelligent review of all compensating factors, it is incumbent upon us to choose another candidate. This decision is truly important as our tax dollars and the direction of America's destiny are determined by our votes, at the ballot box.
Personally, I was a Democrat for many years. I became an Independent 10 years ago as the policies of this party embraced 'Socialist' philosophies that I could not accept under any circumstances. Also, I am not a Republican as this party coincides with similar Democratic policies and no longer has the courage to oppose them. My independence from both major 'establishment' parties has revived a recognition of my sovereignty and my deep respect for the Constitution.
As an American born in Havana, you might have the discernment to appreciate the views I currently espouse in maintaining a democratic republic.
I do not consider myself a clairvoyant, but I strongly believe there will be additional revelations that will continue to devastate the confidence we have in this candidate and the internal decisions of the US government. The proverbial 'October Surprise' will make its presence known and the American people will be duly informed on how to proceed.
Please review the F Y I below for some of the details from the disclosures made public last Friday.

In a previous post I mentioned a desire to write about individuals, both public and private that have made a difference in my life. Due to the importance of the General Election, I have decided to postpone my thoughts until the end of this year. While deceased, their contributions will always be reflected in the manner I am able to give of myself to others. I will also postpone a compilation of my favorite restaurants in the Los Angeles area at this time.

Thanks again for your continuous support.


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