January 9th, 2014 8:06 PM

Dear Friends,

It's that time of year when many of us decide to change our habits that have prolonged any presence of misery in our past. Certainly losing weight, a new job, additional income or just the realization to become a more grounded and better person in the long run, are desires worthy of contemplation. While the ebullience of the moment is still captivating our hopes and dreams for an uplifting and goal oriented 2014, there are roadblocks that one must either ignore or destroy to overcome the longings of our heart.

A clean slate from any obstacle is a main motivation to begin a new year in earnest. Unfortunately, there are realities difficult to defeat once we've recognized the circumstances which has damaged our ability to grow and prosper, in a society that has devoted its energy to undermine one's efforts. 

These past 10 days or so, we've been greeted by the utterance of 'Happy New Year' from family, friends and acquaintances whenever we begin or end our conversations. Certainly, we do have a modicum of hope this year will provide the peace of mind or offer the positive outcome we have been waiting for. Our patience along with a steadfast perseverance has been the source of our strength, as it reflects on our current station in life. We now have been afforded, during this time of 'renewal', the capacity to discern the situations that we have allowed to infiltrate and advance philosophies contrary to our beliefs and our true character. Only through prayer can we grasp the wisdom required, to end the encroachment of those focused to do us harm.

While we strive to have a designated comfort zone in our homes, the daily battles society has outside our doors can weaken our resolve to change the status quo. There is a realization our efforts are sabotaged when a powerful influence continues to promote, by manipulation, concepts unworthy of acceptance or debate. Our conscience has now become engaged and those entities willing to do us harm, will in time, no longer have the ability to force a resolution.

This is the year when many of us have seen the 'light at the end of the tunnel', where we can finally come to understand the purpose we have for our lives. Actions are necessary to jump start our understanding and the motivations of personalities we have become acquainted with. Either in government, media or business, we are skeptical and much more inclined to question such authorities. My desire is for this nation's inhabitants to become adept at recognizing the behavior of those individuals, that are insincere and intentionally mislead to gain favor for their corrupt assignations.

While many of us labor to eat healthy, lose weight or seek additional income to support our family or ourselves, one must never lose the goal that will benefit one's ability to live life to its fullest. When we strive to better ourselves, these positive aspects will begin to develop an ability for discernment. While we strive to improve our private lives, in only 10 months Americans will have the opportunity to prove to themselves, their resolutions for a better nation, has finally succeeded.

I wish you a happy, safe and prosperous New Year 2014!

Thanks Again

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