January 19th, 2008 6:09 PM

Dear Friends,

Today is the 19th day of the New Year and there has been a volume of news overwhelming the financial markets.

Stocks this past week lost over 500 points.

Inflation is higher than its been in decades.

Unemployment is up and it's at 5%.

Foreclosures continue unabated.

Property values continue its downward slide.

The 'credit crunch' is still common place. 

Additional mortgage companies are going out of business. Countrywide, the largest mortgage banker in the country is being purchased by Bank Of America.

Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke is concerned about slow growth.

The Big R word - RECESSION - is now mentioned as a foregone conclusion.

President Bush is offering a $150 Billion Dollar Stimulus package in an attempt to forestall a Recession. Congess is on board and a goal of passage by March 1st seems entirely possible.

We are now in the depth of the political primary season where 'change' and 'experience' are the key words dominating the course of America's future. Politics can be thoroughly exhausting!

All of this turmoil has a beneficial outcome!

Interest Rates are coming down dramatically due to the ongoing financial mess.

The REFI BOOM is here!

These low rates might not be around if the economy shows signs of improvement.

With all of the tinkering that's about to occur by the folks in Washington, NOW is the opportune time to LOCK IN your rate!

Please check our RATE SHEET for the programs MoneyTeam offers. We will be adding additional loan programs in the coming days.

NOW is the time to prepare yourself in securing the documents needed in order to expedite the processing of your loan.

Please call our office at anytime,


We're here to help you!

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