August 3rd, 2017 6:43 PM

Dear Friends,
Last week I was perplexed and slightly amused on how Congress performs its duties in gathering information from the current members of the administration. The Treasury Secretary was interrogated by a House member that has maintained a flamboyant presence throughout the many years various Congressional Districts in California have shown their approval for the 'gentle lady' from California. As a member of the House since 1991 and representing the 43rd Congressional District since 2013, this gal has 'enlightened' the Halls of Congress by her passionate displays of emotion. Her pleas to defend individuals unable to defend themselves due to an inappropriate manifestation of character, has preceded her public esteem under various stages of active discourse.

On this particular day, the Treasury Secretary did his best to answer the questions asked by the Congresswoman. Unfortunately, there were 12 recitations in which 'Reclaiming My Time' was invoked. This process was to prolong the time available by not forfeiting or wasting the 'indefinite continued progress of existence' - or in simpler terms -  overcoming time constraints.
The Congresswoman interrupted the Treasury Secretary, as she believed he was not answering her queries in a timely manner, nor was there substance in his responses that could add to her understanding.
Many Americans had the ability to view this example of Civics 101 by various media outlets. Notwithstanding a Civics lesson, I came to the conclusion that by reciting 'Reclaiming My Time' at least 100 times a day, you can look and feel 10 years younger!
This method only works for those outside of Congress, as when 'Reclaiming My Time' is uttered by those in government, a bureaucrat is apt to lose one's 'Intelligence Quotient', which in turn develops an adverse effect on one's mental faculties. The inability to reason, to distinguish right from wrong, having a deep hatred for others or not telling the truth, are prolonged side effects that can last for many years.
Incidentally, 'Reclaiming My Time' has been made into a gospel song! I love gospel music and I will truly enjoy this newest tune, as I'll have more energy due to its newly discovered capacity as a fountain of youth.
On a serious note, when older or seasoned members of Congress are afflicted by chronic stress, pressure, bouts of dementia, Alzheimer's, brain maladies and corruption, it is highly recommended term limits would be the most humanitarian legislation to alleviate a member's pain and suffering.
While I'll be 'Reclaiming My Time' - I have no desire to disparage anyone, as the 'Law of Karma' has its way of redeeming the loss of one's soul, when the truth is finally spoken within the Halls of Congress. If this ever happens in our lifetimes, the lives of all Americans and the US Government - will be truly blessed!


Thanks again for your continuous support.

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