January 31st, 2021 9:13 AM

Dear Friends,

Before I begin my remarks, the last several posts have received a tremendous amount of views. I sincerely hope and pray that Freedom Of Speech, Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Religion and all of our liberties ensconced in the Constitution, will continue its observance in America.

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January 20th has come and gone. Many discerning and law abiding Americans have witnessed the newest conflagration of bewilderment, as common sense is no longer viewed nor respected as a logical approach to solve the problems facing this nation at this time in its history. The politicians that have decided to implement policies that lack the capacity for wisdom, are eagerly turning the sacrosanct value of sovereignty towards a nefarious form of control in every aspect of one's life.

Whether you are registered as a Republican, Democrat or Independent, the aftermath of the 2020 General Election has revealed the character of those in this nation, eager in their debasement of traditional American culture by powerful individuals and leftist entities. The contempt for the fundamental concepts of a Democratic Republic have been replaced by oppression. As a Cuban youngster that suffered from Communist inspired mental cruelty, I tremble at the thought of reliving the abuse as an adult in America, of all places! The advance in liberty and freedom is fast becoming a distant memory, in a nation with an illustrious history of justice and independence from evil. The disclosures of government officials enabling the decimation of the Constitution on January 6th, has risen the likelihood the two party system has forfeited the respect and confidence of the American people.

Thefore, the time may have arrived that a new political party must be formed in order for this nation to survive. The 'Constitution Party' will be assembled by logical, discerning and concerned citizens that fully understand the destruction of America is happening at a momentous pace. The inability of a duly elected President in 2017 to utilize the executive powers as conceived in the Constitution due to the overwhelming scandalous behavior of opponents, has created an ongoing crisis that upends democratic concepts of personal sovereignty and overall freedoms. When discredited entities within government and the media are determined in damaging the security and prosperity of this nation in 2021, the time has come to end an ideology that lacks substance when dissent of opposing views is considered a crime. Censorship and the wanton liquidation of one's ability to prosper economically, are the newest crimes and misdemeanors imposed on individuals that dare to speak the truth. 

In this latest subjugation of individual rights, peace of mind is difficult to attain. To survive the onslaught of living in a society ignoring the basic tenets of human decency, one must live in a manner that decreases the imposition of abuse. There are options. In future posts, I will delve into peaceful and intelligent solutions on how one can strive and obtain the peace of mind to live harmoniously under current circumstances. 

Prayer is the first remedy to overcome evil. In so doing, life is still worth living as God will help us all. I mention to Our Heavenly Father, "Forgive them, as they know not what they do."

Thanks again for your continuous support - during these challenging times in a nation under siege.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on January 31st, 2021 9:13 AMPost a Comment

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