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Dear Friends,
This is the last installment of living in a Parallel Universe.
In my previous posts, I've highlighted several examples where a law abiding private citizen can come and go without interference from authority figures. The freedom to live in such a manner are basic rights we as Americans utilize every day, as documented in the Constitution.
Since revelations of clandestine surveillance by those employed by a government agency came to light, a sense of paranoia has gradually enveloped the psyche of numerous Americans. I have a friend that has the tag, 'NSA IS WATCHING' in bold letters on all of his emails. This might be considered humorous, but the loss of privacy is no laughing matter.
I chose the title of Parallel Universe, as many of us are surrounded by a stream of shocking, disturbing and unbelievable circumstances, orchestrated in Washington DC. Not only in the nation's capitol will you find the abyss. Our statehouses and local government offices also promote the attributes of lethargy in their interpretation of one's civil liberties. Notwithstanding, there are participants in business and the much maligned main street media that have encouraged the formulation of crony concerns, in efforts to redefine liberty as an exercise in which debate is non existent.

What is happening today began many years ago. I have always believed America fundamentally changed forever when in 1962 the Supreme Court by a 6 to 1 margin, declared that reciting prayer in a public school to be unconstitutional. The court's decision in Engel v. Vitale was a landmark case. The chaos and the unraveling of America since this ruling, has gradually and methodically changed the substance and character of a once great nation. Moreover, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in November of 1963 was a monumental tragedy, as countless Americans lost a sense of themselves by the shock and sadness that to this day, still lingers within.

While we are unable to turn back the clock, the history of this republic needs to be rediscovered. Many of us have forgotten the power that we as Americans have. By our votes, we have the ability to speak our mind and eliminate the careers of those in power, that have defiled the rights and values pledged since America's founding. This coming November, the time has arrived to end the participation in public affairs of those that hate this country. America needs new leaders, fresh voices, sane personalities devoid of greed, scandal or intrigue and have the uncompromising ability to tell the truth. To appreciate the sacrifices of those that fought for our freedom, to humbly respect the American people and be guided by Constitutional principles, these are the true prerequisites for anyone seeking to hold higher office.

I have always enjoyed learning about American History. In High School it was a requirement and as an Undergraduate, I enrolled in classes that focused on concepts designed to elevate the human condition. In today's America, foreign ideologies never recognized as a foundation to be explored or promoted in a nation where democratic principles are exercised, has found an audience. While there was a time in the early 1950's where there was an alleged prevalence of communist sympathizers in government or in the entertainment industry, we are now subjected by attempts to circumvent the Constitution and Congress by powerful interests through executive orders and the passivity of journalism to report all activities without bias.

For the past year, we are informed the IRS has chosen a method to abuse conservative groups by disallowing their ability to form a charity or a political action group. When an employee of the IRS decides not to incriminate herself and refuses to answer questions from a House Committee by taking the 5th, as it is her right, a coverup is construed as the basis for her actions. When emails of those involved in this method are no longer available to be reviewed, due to the destruction of the hard drives, we have a major problem.

When a deserter is exchanged for 5 Taliban terrorists, knowing full well they will be back on the front lines to kill Americans once again, a lack of proportion is evident. Moreover, when the plight of those seeking entry in the US are allowed free passage, as a direct result of 'rumors' injected by those seeking to bypass immigration laws, the harm to our national security is apparent. The rumor that children crossing the Southern border will be allowed to stay in the US on a permanent basis and rewarded with amnesty, has fueled the exodus.
My ambivalence in regards to the influx of immigrants crossing our Southern borders from Central America is disheartening. Thousands of those seeking refuge in the US are children, while others have been reported as members of gangs and perpetrators of crimes in their own countries. Diseases and health issues are widespread among these migrants, and the conflagration has overwhelmed the providers of emergency services.

When I view the circumstances of this surge in immigration today, I recall the events that transpired in April of 1962. As a Cuban refugee, my arrival in the US was a true humanitarian, well organized effort by private interests, the US Government and Catholic organizations. Over 14,000 youngsters fled Cuba through 'Operation Peter Pan' from 1960 through 1962.

The families of these newest immigrants from Central America I would imagine, desire the best for their loved ones to live in freedom and to prosper from a life of poverty and desolation. Unfortunately, there is a strong suspicion the overwhelming emigration was manipulated, as a direct consequence of political motives.
Notwithstanding, the welfare of these youngsters is disconcerting. By traveling for miles to reach the US Southern border, the physical deterioration, dehydration and overwhelming stress has jeopardized the health of these migrants, where in some instances has resulted in their demise. The porous borders has also created an opening for those seeking to harm American citizens, as the inability to track their whereabouts is a clear and present danger.
Americans are compassionate and are devoted to help those in need. Nevertheless. the cynicism that has progressed in the minds of Americans by US government efforts of philanthropy in this situation, is viewed as deceptive or insincere.
Many of us appreciate the desire of those to seek a new life, to grasp the American dream. While this endeavor is recognized by many as inspirational, the legal requirements in which the granting of permanent residency or the approval of citizenship, must allow for scrutiny and open debate. By circumventing immigration laws, the authenticity of America's efforts are called into question. Perhaps by obeying current immigration statutes, securing our borders and implementing an intelligent policy that benefits all Americans, we can finally end the political trauma where concerns of over 11 million illegal aliens are no longer viewed as a polarizing disorder.

There are other events and scandals not mentioned in this post, as they are just too numerous to mention. The respect for the American people and its institutions has been replaced by a polarizing turn towards iconoclasm. This frustrating and regrettable chapter in American history, where a Parallel Universe has been discovered, will eventually draw to a close.

When the love for our children and the concern for their futures becomes a priority, the soul of this nation will replenish and America's destiny is assured.
Never be discouraged, have faith and trust in the Lord and God willing, we will see the horizon from a distance.
Thanks Again

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