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Dear Friends,
This is the 2nd of 3 posts.
In this installment, I continue my journey as a private citizen enjoying basic outings with family, friends and acquaintances. Our civil liberties allow these moments of interactions, whether they are adventurous, mysterious or exciting as I might view them, or identified as inconsequential by the curiosity of various observers from a distance.

For others to win my approval on subject matters, or to grasp the opinion of a particular situation, I have an approach or even a checklist of sorts, that helps ascertain the trustworthiness of the individual seeking the perspicacity of my convictions.

The Primary Elections in California brought this to mind, as I noticed the emptiness of the voting location where those registered to vote, gathered to cast their ballots. It only stands to reason the economy continues its decline, while additional taxes on assets has come to be the solution for financial growth, as political corruption and graft are commonplace. All of these circumstances and additional unsolved problems, are cultivated by an electorate unwilling to spend the time required to end the cycle of indifference. By elevating mediocre, incompetent or corrupt legislators to higher office, our state and our nation will never have the capacity to offer intelligent solutions.
To live in freedom we must recognize the responsibility of becoming an active participant in the management of our surroundings. As an Independent, I do my best in reviewing the various candidates and propositions by becoming familiar with their positions. The nation's obsequious desire for acceptance of those in authority, has become our own undoing. Impassiveness and ineptitude has allowed the shrewd and the powerful to take advantage of the good graces that manifests in the true character of those that love this country. The desire to 'transform' this nation from within, is a direct consequence of thoughts perceived as folderol, by those naive in its conclusions of powerful entities. In the 3rd post of a Parallel Universe, I will discuss the ramifications of this current morass we have allowed to enter and thrive by force.

My journey continues, as I had the ability to visit a friend that suffered emergency hip replacement surgery, when she fell at her home last December. I've been speaking with her over the phone since her recuperation. When I finally met with her, we spoke for nearly 3 hours catching up on just about everything! We briefly discussed the costs of her hospitalization, the quality of health care and the final recovery that allowed her to go back home. While she has to use a walker, I'm relieved her injuries were not life threatening. We have a date for lunch later this week, and I look forward to enjoy her companionship once again!

While my friend is in better spirits, the plight of older Americans is a cause for concern. The dramatic rise of health care costs by government misrepresentation, is a consequence that will eventually create additional stress, anxiety, illness and early death. Trust and compassion for our seniors will never see the light of day, from a government enterprise that seeks to control every aspect of one's life. The control of one's ability to purchase affordable medication, the loss in the quality of care, the rise in health care premiums and deductibles, the inability to employ a doctor of your choice and the change of health care plans that allows for rationing of services - this is the concept of health care that has been formulated by powerful government and business interests. The Supreme Court, in its opinion constructed at the last minute by the Chief Justice, interpreted the Affordable Care Act as a tax in June of 2012. Since this disastrous decision, its implementation, as we all know, has been a nightmare.

During midweek, I attended a 5th grade graduation ceremony for the daughter of a good friend I've known for many years. The 'culmination' ceremony took place at the Wonderland Avenue Elementary School located in Los Angeles. There was a large crowd of parents, relatives and friends, many with their smart phones or cameras taking pictures of their beloved graduate. When the crowd was asked to stand and recite The Pledge of Allegiance, I knew immediately this was no ordinary school. The manner in which these youngsters expressed themselves in the skits they performed and the verbiage used in their delivery, were examples of the quality of their education. The involvement of the teachers and administrators with the students at the reception was heartfelt and gratifying to see. I came to realize that my attendance at this ceremony, was a requirement to visualize the strengths and weaknesses of a much larger school system.
The Los Angeles Unified School District has seen its graduation rates climb during the past few years. From a low of 48% in 2008 to 67.9% today, this achievement is encouraging. With my short journey to Wonderland, I came to appreciate the hard work and commitment of the staff, in the standards of education exhibited by the attributes of my friend's daughter. She is a bright, precocious and smart 11 year old! The environment at this school is an important factor that will lead her to a future full of impressive accomplishments. I wish the same circumstances for all students throughout the district.

During the past week I was also able to visit with my family out of state for a very short trip. After not seeing one of my 2 brothers for a few years, he looks the same. His beautiful wife is as charming as ever! My 2 nieces are a sight to behold! Their disposition was dynamic and also comforting. With the help of their devoted husbands, they have raised the most affectionate and loving children one can only hope for! It is heartwarming to be surrounded by those that love you and accept you just as you are. There's no need to be someone other than yourself. There are no judgements or quarrels, just the chance of enjoying each others presence. All the unpleasantness of life is no longer in focus as time continues its forward advance. One does not acquire wisdom through old age. Life is too short. The time that I have available to devote to my family brings me life!

Unfortunately, there are those unwilling or incapable of seeing the 'big picture'. In the 3rd installment of this post, I will review the events that have transpired during the past several weeks. These activities have brought to the surface detrimental effects, of power without virtue and debate without conviction. Life in America has seen its denouement. Only by prayer are we able to reconcile the error of our ways. Faith in redemption is our only option.
God help us all.

Thanks Again


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