June 13th, 2017 3:51 PM

Dear Friends,
I went to a Graduation ceremony for 8th graders a week ago, as my good friend's daughter was one of 58 graduates celebrating valedictorian accomplishments in a gathering display of optimism for the future. Unfortunately, graduates all across the nation will come to understand we are in a world where life has progressed towards bouts of turmoil and despair. Nevertheless, the energy and the wholesome approach to life expressed by the students on that day, was reminiscent of my High School graduation in 1973. I recalled an exuberance in conquering challenges or adversity that would hinder any of my goals for ultimate success.

The new graduates were enrolled in a Lutheran school, and by their talents are well equipped to overcome the complexities of entering middle school and beyond. I was pleasantly surprised to know there are celebrations of this magnitude for youngsters of this age that involves religious and educational development.
While I embrace a commitment to continue my understanding of life as an 'eternal optimist', I know in my heart to live under this perception at this time, is painfully difficult and dangerous when truth and righteousness have become a burden to uncover. Mature and wisdom discerning adults fully understand the life we lead will have obstacles, disappointments and betrayals, while there are times of joy and happiness when love is involved by the embrace we have for each other.
During the past several weeks, many of us are unable to end thoughts of a despondent nature, when the actions of cursed souls are embedded in evil. This activity includes violence, terrorism, wanton killings of innocent children and the debasement of one's culture. When the truth is no longer recognized and when prurient repugnant expressions of dissent are utilized for oppression and humiliation, any generation confronted by this environment requires the faith of Our Lord to combat the mental afflictions portrayed by the purveyors of such hate and hostility.

We are witnessing the effects of mental instability, when there are elderly members of both chambers of Congress suffering from dementia, by their incoherent and irrational onslaught of defiance leveled against the Chief Executive. Moreover, sane and discerning Americans have been subjected to vulgar outbursts of profanity and horror by professional 'comedians', unable and unwilling to employ the true essence of humor. Their ingrained political ideology and contempt for the current government, has tainted their ability to showcase a capacity for entertainment that will never be respected by a lucid general audience. When the Chief Executive is decapitated on one occasion and is portrayed as Julius Caesar in a play where his death is applauded by a standing ovation in Central Park, such activities influence the decimation of ethical values, decency and the responsibilities liberty and freedom requires of all its citizens. The repugnant nature of these chronic attacks, if not withdrawn, has the potential to manifest towards a day many Americans remember all too well - November 22nd, 1963.
These divisions are promulgated by the main street media, members of a government 'establishment', an opposing political party, college faculty and individuals misled by the direct intellectual workings of a democratic republic established in the Constitution. When the Graduation Class of 2017 in all academic disciplines enter their next stage of progression by encountering the vicissitudes of life, one would hope a profound presence of redemption and peace will fill one's hearts by their actions.

My attendance at a Lutheran graduation ceremony in Los Angeles provides a sense of hope for America's future, due to its geographical location and its general preponderance as a bastion of unorthodox interpretations of liberty and freedom in the community. I can only surmise the enclosed school environment has influenced the young graduates, by a joyous understanding for one's justification in living.
Martin Luther devoted his life towards a religious doctrine debated during the Reformation. His spiritual beliefs that faith is the thriving substance of one's character for salvation, is truly a requirement in today's society.
To employ this understanding by an outpouring of works to lift the human condition from distress and oppression, is the anointed commission of our times.

Thanks again for your continuous support and may peace be with you.

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